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  1. I had to do a factory reset on Pro1X. To get to the "No command" screen from switched off state, I press and hold the volume up button and then press the power button for about 3 seconds. Too short and it won't wake up at all. Too long and it will boot normally. I try to release the power button just before or just about the same time as "Powered by Android" message appears. It is tricky and requires many attempts.
  2. Does this mean the declared value was 150€ and VAT 19%? In 2020 I paid USD 639 plus shipping. It I do the import tax myself I have to use higher price USD 639 becayse that is what I have paid. Letting UPS do might be actually cheaper even with the handling fee.
  3. > preparing shipments for the Pro1 X units allocated to contribution IDs ranging from 568 to 1126. My contribution ID is smaller than 568 and still waiting. 😯
  4. The update was that I received the update via email. The previous update by email was sent to me on Aug 11.
  5. Are the phones now in FedEx storage waiting for someone to process them? Perhaps FedEx still does not have a shipping slot for them yet and it would be awkward to send tracking ID showing nothing happening.
  6. It was Got Your Pro1, Tracking Number or "Stock Assigned" message? POST HERE! Wouldn't it be better to have a new thread for Pro1-X ?
  7. Just wonder how many of those 707 units in the 1st batch will be used to fill the backlog of Pro1 orders? My Pro1-X contribution ID is 5XX and if there are 200 or more in the Pro1 backlog, I will be screwed. 🙁
  8. Somehow this situation brings Zeno's paradox about Achilles and Tortoise to mind. Closer we get to shipping, new obstacles arise but they are smaller and smaller.
  9. If they can fix a static noise problem with a SW fix and then flash a new SW version right away without reapplying a certificate, this would break my theory. Possibly the fix is in an application which is not covered by the certificate.
  10. Wouldn't this be the time to start a new "Got Your Pro1-X, Tracking Number or "Stock Assigned" message? POST HERE!" thread?
  11. I suppose the certificate needs to be acquired for each software release no matter how small the change is. Fixing a bug would cause a new release and require a new certificate.
  12. Me too. Better to have one usable KB phone than three unusable & outdated.
  13. I just got an SMS from a DHL Express shipment from HONG KONG SAR, CHINA from "Bailun" having been picked today at 20:02. It could be the spare battery I have ordered. I doubt it is the phone. I don't think they have yet the technology which would allow shipping items before they are manufactured. edit: Turned out this was not FxTec shipment but from Win Source, an electronics component distributor.
  14. I ordered Pro-X with a spare battery. Once it arrives, I need to store the battery 50% charged. This requires the ability to check the voltage and periodically charge it. Switching the bettery in Pro/Pro-X would be too complicated. I could check the voltage with just using digital multimeter. Possibly I could use Skyrc B6AC charger for charging the battery. It is a programmable general purpose charger.
  15. If history repeat itself, FXtec starts manufacturing and shipping alright and some people actually report having received their phones. But then before they can finish all the pending phones they have to stop because of Chinese New Year during which a major crisis breaks in China and stops all manufacturing.
  16. I recently had to stop using my N900 because important SMSes from bank and police were shown blank. I bought an entry level Android phone. Using the touchscreen to type on a small screen sucks. Almost anything with a physical keyboard would be better. Perhaps you can now guess what my vote was.
  17. > Generally one of the worst combinations are heat during charging, Would fast charging be ok if the battery were actively cooled and kept below room temperature? If one would charge the phone in fridge?
  18. I've ordered the spare battery for Pro 1-X and need to store it for couple of years and minimize its aging. Keeping it in 40% charge at fridge and avoiding moisture sounds the best bet. In those condition the battery should age in one year the same amount fully charged battery ages in room temperature.
  19. According to the Battery University, keeping Lithium battery fully charged at 25C one year degrades it 20%. Limiting temperature and max charge slows the decay an gives more charge cycles. I think it would be best to keep the battery at 40% charge and keep the phone in the fridge in an airtight bag with activated silica gel packs and only keep and use the phone in fridge like temperatures. Touching the phone with fingers or cheek, no-no-no.
  20. My thoughts also. I cancelled my Qwertz order a week ago since it was starting to look like I would be receiving Pro1 and Pro1-X too close each other if at all. I need one phone with scandinavian keyboard if possible.
  21. Today a year has passed since I ordered my Pro1 (Qwertz).
  22. I did the same. But fool me twice, shame on me. I still haven't even got the first phone after 350 days of waiting.
  23. Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 23:30:01 +1100 From: FX Technology Limited <[email protected]> Subject: Order updates Hello! As a pre-order customer, we want you to let you guys know first that we are about to announce a new partnership for something special and to also reassure you that your existing Pro1 orders are top of our list. They are still in progress and queued for shipment in the coming months. We recently shipped a batch of Pro1’s and the next is scheduled for the end of October. Like other tech businesses, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on our business operatio
  24. N900 keyboard has a key mat with caps and switches beneath. Source: Nokia N900 Teardown. If Pro1 is anything like that, a subcontractor X provided Fxtec US and German layout mats and cannot currently provide the German layout mat.
  25. > did all the 2019 order where shipped At least one Pro1 ordered on Nov 7 has now been delivered (it's on the Got-Your-Pro1 -thread). I ordered mine a week later on Nov 15 and haven't got the phone, tracking id nor the assimilation mail yet.
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