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  1. Hey guys, at least I found a kind of flip case fitting for my needs. I don't carry my Pro1 with me a lot, so the bulky design doesn't matter and it's well protected at home 😄 I've bought it at this Etsy Store, not sure about international shipping but she's located in Munich. I like the idea of wrapping this elastic plastic stripes round the edge of the keyboard, so the display can close properly. If you order you can tell an individual phones size, choose from the Pro1's data sheet h: 154mm; w: 73,6mm; d: 8mm (depth only keyboard). I also asked her to make the whole bag 5mm wider
  2. lukluk91

    Spare Parts

    Hello you lovely community! I have a question about the spare battery that is provided via Indogogo. I tried using the search function but I didn't stumbled upon any information about my concern (maybe I am just blind). My question: Does this battery also fit for the Pro 1 without "X"? Anyone tried this yet? As long as we can't identify the model, it seems to be the only option to get a spare battery? Thanks for your help in advance! 🙂
  3. I sticked to this thread and it worked pretty good. It's about the foil coming with the Pro 1. But I think it was the first time in my life that I tried to do it so precisely - I can see no bubbles 🙂
  4. Hey all! I am very happy about another Rom for the Pro 1 🙂 Thanks to all being involved into the progress! I've had some problems that I managed to work around, as a total noob. Previously I've had installed the Linage test rom. After flashing all the "ungoogled files" (Powershell says everything was succesfull), the device wouldn't boot into the system and I had no option to wipe, as told in the example in the first post. Easier way: First restore the factory rom -> than flash the ungoogled rom. That worked fine for me. Now I'm happy to explore, what's working 🙂
  5. Thank you for that additional information. Good to know 🙂 I just thought it would be the safest source for the app.
  6. Hi! I've had this problem before with other phones. Even Netflix themselfe share an .apk . You can find it here. Have fun with it
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