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  1. I know this is now venturing off topic but just to clarify, the address that the company is using is related to a law firm (Edwin Coe). It is not unusual for companies (at least in the UK) to set up their registered office as their solicitors', and so I imagine there will be any number of companies registered to that address. Obviously in this case it is something that has linked two companies together (with further evidence of filings) but please don't be under the illusion that any and all companies registered at a single address are related to each other in any way other than potential
  2. Thanks for this, would you be able to confirm the following info (compression is still making some parts a struggle to read)?: Battery cell model: 5036108PLN or 50361O8PLN Shenzhen Kehuaxin Electronic Co. Ltd If you take a look at the DIY battery thread that's been linked, there's discussion about the connector there but that's based on images - would be handy to have your input!
  3. I've found the following on AliExpress Asus Max Plus M1 Battery Connector | Asus Zenfone 3 Max Zc520kl Board - 1set Fpc - Aliexpress "Number 1" looks to be exactly the same terminal/connector pair? If so, seems to be readily available on a number of phones - the flex cable is going to be next to look into I guess?
  4. Indeed, would need to find a battery narrower than 36mm though, not many vendors list dimension sizes of the battery itself. I've also had a quick look back through the FCC filing images, and attached I've highlighted the connector terminal on the board, no markings that I could see but perhaps it might be identifiable at some point?
  5. @Adrienspawn I've spent the day re-looking at all phones within the 3100-3200mAh range listed on GSMArena Phone Finder to see if there are any compatible batteries from other phones and I'm afraid I've not found any. Attached is a list of the phones that I've looked at. Edit: made since 2017. phones_battery_candidates.txt
  6. @Casey a couple of things: It would appear that there may be users who have requested a battery via the IGG campaign for a Pro1 - if there is a stock of them should they not be being fulfilled? What would the price of a new battery be? I understand that shipping will be dependent on location (I'm in the UK) Thanks
  7. Wiko WIM - no FCC filing photos that I can find, but a screenshot from a tear-down video produces a ratio of 405px : 653px (battery height : device height) and applying that to the official height of the device of 156mm gives a battery height of 96mm, so not a match. Samsung J6 (SMJ600FN) FCC filing photos: https://fccid.io/A3LSMJ600FN/Internal-Photos/Internal-photos-3818074 Not as clear because of lack of measurement in photos, however taking a ratio of 350px : 571px (battery height : device height) and applying that to the official height of the device of 149mm gives a battery h
  8. I've been recently looking into this myself given the deterioration of the battery (currently approx. 73% health 😬) and having checked the FCC filings (can be found at https://fccid.io/2AUCLQX1000/Internal-Photos/internal-Photos-4458173) you can see that the battery dimensions are roughly 110mm x 36mm. The connector also has labeling on it (FH-F88003B-FPC) although not sure if this is a specification or unique to the cable that's used in the filing. In addition I've contacted Cellonic (https://www.cellonic.eu/) as a long shot, to see if they either already stock a battery of the same
  9. @EvilDragon take a look at this comment and the video I uploaded in the comment after it - I think it may be similar to what you say you're experiencing? This was purely a hardware issue with that particular screen replacement - the next one I got was much better.
  10. I've had this problem at a friend's home network recently, haven't had a chance yet to work out what's happening but I'll take a look at the different bands (2.4/5Ghz). On any other network I've connected to (private and public) I've had no issues.
  11. You're just rubbing it in now! 😒😂
  12. OK, so I received my third display recently after a reversing of the decision by support to only send out a display after me taking a video of the second display with the light bleed. I am happy to say that this display is much better performing than the first two, however it still appears there are some, albeit small, dead zones at each side of the display. It does mean though that it is usable and I think that's the best I can hope for - would be interesting to see if other people who don't have a problem with their display notice any kind of dead zone on theirs? For reference, I'v
  13. Well out of the blue today all of the updates started coming through and I'm now on the latest. So if anybody else runs into this issue it ended up taking five days to resolve by itself and a little patience!
  14. I know there are a lot of hardware issues @Slion and it's not that which is the problem - it's the insinuation that I'm essentially lying in order to get another display..
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