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  1. A quick update. Received my warranty replacement phone today. It has a different serial number. The stability issues I had before are now gone, so it seems likely that the particular unit I had before was faulty somehow.
  2. My device was crashing all the time, even with no SIM card inserted. Perhaps it was connected anyway, but it seems a bit far-fetched in this scenario. Anyway, I was just notified that a replacement device is on my way to me, after sending it in for repair. Let's see if it makes any difference!
  3. If wi-fi calling works, then you can place a call in airplane mode, with wifi enabled. Tried and verified with the Pro1 by myself (Telia Sweden). Keep in mind that most operators still require specific phone models in order to provision wifi calling. It's likely that AT&T doesn't allow the Pro1. Most operators have become more lax the last year. The reason why they have been so restrictive is because the lack of standardization and stability of this feature, according to the rumor mill. Telia has however switched to a more lax model recently, as I didn't expect this to work. An
  4. I know I've said it before, but I'm amazed how well-trained Verizon customers seem to be. That you just accept these rules just because Verizon has made a political decision to impose artificial restrictions in their network is simply A-MA-ZING! Ok, sure, if it's the ONLY carrier in your area, but this can hardly be the case for everyone in this thread..? Sorry for the OT rant, just needed to get that off my chest. 🙂
  5. If you're referring to my case, it certainly isn't network related. Because I have a friend that lives nearby, with the same subscription/operator, and his is rock solid. I did return my device for repair/replacement a week or so ago, but haven't heard anything since.
  6. Actually, each country still has their own import laws for goods outside the EU. So that means that Fxtec devices will be treated differently in each receiving EU country. There are also limitations on goods between EU countries in some cases. Customs can also seize packages sent within the EU if the contents is not allowed to be imported in the destination country etc. You just don't need to customs declare it, but it's still possible to be sent through customs for inspection.
  7. Well, you can read the statement yourself if you'd like. Use google translate as needed. https://www.postnord.se/skicka-forsandelser/forberedelser/tullinformation/tullinformation-rorande-brexit/sa-paverkas-vara-tjanster-av-brexit
  8. FYI, I ended up with sending it to the UK for warranty repair. Let's see how that goes.. On a side note, apparently the Swedish Post requires me to customs declare the return since the UK is no longer in the EU.
  9. I user Solid Explorer (android app) on the phone, and copy files to/from SMB shares and all sorts of other stuff. Solid Explorer has many options. 🙂
  10. Tried a VoWifi call, I could hear the other end just fine. My 2c.
  11. As a frequent typer of Swedish, I can positively say that DE QWERTZ physical layout is "good enough" with Finqwerty. I'm sure I would be almost equally bothered to see non-swedish ÅÄÖ on the keyboard. And to make one swedish/finnish and one danish/norwegian would probably not be financially viable.
  12. Roaming between AP's. I have three AP's in my apartment, controlled by one wireless controller. They're all Cisco 2700 series AP's. Yes, jitter is the std deviation as seen in HE network tools. So given that HE network tools maybe sends three ICMP echo requests very fast, maybe that's enough to flush the buffer? In that case, this is more of a cosmetic problem in most cases, unless you want to infrequently transfer low amounts of data with low latency.
  13. There is something funky with the Wifi driver currently. This seems to relate mainly to roaming. Usually, this sounds like you're hitting buffered data that's sent when a timer expires: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagle's_algorithm Or you're just on 2,4GHz in a noisy environment. 🙂 I did however try myself with HE network tools. It gives me 1.23ms katency with 0.09ms jitter. This was measured over wifi on 5GHz only. More info about the connection: Performance Signal Strength: -54 dBm Signal Quality: 39 dB Connection Speed: 867 Mbps Channel Width: 80 MHz
  14. Let's have a poll: Will you use your screen protectior?
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