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  1. I was, but after seeing that fxtec is out of business, didn't release a firmware update and didn't release anything useful to let the community solve the problem I may as well throw it out.
  2. Did fxtec ever fix the problems or release a new firmware? I haven't seen anything but I haven't been checking regularly. I've had a pro1x sitting in a drawer for nearly 2 years because it can't reliably make or receive calls.
  3. I have a Pro1x 8GB / 256GB - as new. I've taken it out of the box, charged it, did some call testing. In the year and a half I've had it, it has never left my house and it has spent 99.9% of that time packed in its original box. the accessories are still packed as received. FX Serial #6637 I have very unfortunately, just slightly scratched where the sim tray goes into the device (see bad photo) checking to see if i'd left a sim card in there. The device is in Brisbane, Australia. I'm looking for 800AUD + Shipping ONO. If you're nearby I can probably drop it off or offer pick-up.
  4. I think I'm ready to admit defeat and sell the "phone". No hint of a fix for "doesn't make or receive calls" which I would argue is a pretty fundamental feature of a phone.
  5. I have no idea if they'd be an improvement. If it's a software problem then you'd need a new radio rom and I don't know if those are different for different systems. If its some weird hardware problem then nothing we can do will fix it. I have not seen fxtec saying which it is (if they even know). I need to use android for work reasons so it seems pointless trying out the others for now. I made the mistake to transfer one of the 2fa apps onto my pro1x and it's so far from a daily driver that I'm going to have to go through the hassle of transferring that back to a phone that works. M
  6. I tried the 2.1.6 beta and its still the same for Telstra. I have raised bug reports for the issue and contacted support (who asked if i had raised bugs) but I haven't seen anything that acknowledges the problem or anything that says they're working on fixes for it specifically. I still don't know if its something they can fix or if we're just supposed to sell the phones. There is at least one other user in another country having the same issue so it's not specific to Telstra.
  7. I'm unable to turn on VoLTE with the 2.1.5 rom and didn't know enough to check it on the currently released one. Without that, turning off 3g would preclude making or receiving calls in a lot of countries.
  8. I have this problem on Optus in Australia. Cell network just disappears quite frequently. On Telstra I am unable to make or receive calls. I like the hardware but I do need it to work. I've swapped back to a cheap motorola edge 20 fusion and have no problems with either carrier. I have reached out to fxtec support and i'm using the 2.1.5 beta rom, neither of which has helped.
  9. It's specific to the yubikey which is a crypto token, not just a basic nfc tag. I have thousands of nfc tags and can get them all to scan reliably but not any of my 3 yubikeys. Yubikeys are used as 2fa tokens so if you have it set up and the phone doesn't handle it, it makes it very hard to use the phone.
  10. It's a shame about the production delays. My old phone recently experienced a significant hardware failure and as much as I want a phone with a keyboard, I can't wait an indefinite amount of time for it to be shipped, especially with the price increase. It's a lot of money to be tied up uselessly. I was hoping for more concrete information here. If I don't see anything definite by the end of the holidays I'll have to go buy a Samsung.
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