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Pro1x - really poor connectivity to both wifi and cellular.

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Just had delivery of the Pro1x and it is a great phone, however the wifi and cellular data connectivity is appalling! I struggle to connect to a router that is only a few feet away, and my old cheap Nokia G20 connects to the network and cellular data absolutely fine.


Little point having an all singing and dancing phone when it can't get the basics right.


Any pointers anybody? And don't say it's my provider or wifi router as all other devices in the household connect fine.

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2 hours ago, aaroncv3 said:

Same.  I bet this is a radio firmware problem, not a radio hardware problem.

I'm sure as more people get their devices, these kinks will get worked out.

I hope you are right. We will have to wait and see to we have more units delivered to see if this is for a specific unit, or a general issue.

Though at the least for the Astroglide, radio firmware is bit more complex to update, according to the EE section of their update - it might or might not be the same for Pro1X.

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9 minutes ago, suicidal_orange said:

Maybe the antennas aren't properly attached?  Not sure about the warranty effect of opening it up to check...

Could be. But before opening I would contact FxTec ( https://www.fxtec.com/support ) and hear their opinion on the subject - as a user to user forum, it is never sure if FxTec sees a post (or even thread) in here.

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