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  1. That is great news! It's been a long time without an adequate case option.
  2. My nails are chewed halfway to the quick, and have been for almost five decades. No dice.
  3. It's a minor nuisance. The number row of the physical keyboard is very tight to the screen, really the one substantial criticism I have of it. With the keyboard closed, keeping your fingers away from the screen require a precarious basketball-palming grip on the frictionless device, which can be harrowing. I despise curved screens anyway, but so far, have managed to live with it without feeling the need to download a solution.
  4. I gave up fixing it 25MAR. They notified me around 19MAY that replacements would be likely available, I sent it the next day or so. I received the replacement about 03SEP, in retail packaging, with a bit of a finish irregularity under the IMEI sticker, which I couldn't say if it just slipped through QC, if a cosmetic second was selected as a replacement device, or if it was a return. either way, it works correctly. I was told there would be no retail packaging, and they offered a substantial discount for a service replacement that was no fault of theirs whatsoever, so I'm fine with it in any
  5. Googled it up, that's exactly the case.
  6. I'm aware I'm playing a dangerous game on Verizon, LOL. If it comes to it, I'll change carriers. So, if I got a replacement card for my old phone, it would be distinct from the previous one, which would then not work at all?
  7. So, if I got a replacement card from Verizon, put it in the other phone, and never turn on both at once, that wouldn't work?
  8. Well, I'd like the GPS feature as a backup (just got my friend out of nasty fog when his unit went on the fritz; that was the drowning mentioned above), and I suspect calls on a watch wouldn't go well in wind, waves, and possibly motor noise. Worth a thought though.
  9. I'm on Verizon, which seems to have good coverage everywhere but my house, my girlfriend's apartment, and my workplace.🤬 If you mean run the smartwatch from the Pro1, then no. I had a display on a Samsung S4 crushed in my pocket from getting bounced around in a small boat, and then after I fixed it, drowned in my PFD when it got splashy. For all the great things about a Pro1, they are utterly defenseless from pretty much everything, so I won't take it anywhere near water.
  10. Sounds reasonable, I've never looked into it, as I've never heard of anyone using prepaid phones for legal activity. 😆
  11. Massachusetts. So, it's pay-as-you-go? That does make sense.
  12. My first choice. Couldn't gain purchase, but I could sharpen one and try again. I'm definitely concerned about the durability of the hardware. I may have been vague, I'm using the Pro1 90%, and using the tough phone for fishing/boating/kayaking etc. I'm trying to avoid getting another line, but if the choices are trashing the phone or paying $40/month or whatever, then I'll have to eat it or not take a phone anywhere with challenging conditions.
  13. I am going to be swapping my sim card back and forth between my Pro1 for daily use, and a jobsite phone all but impervious to water and impact for when I don't want to risk it. My fingernail will not grip the tray notch. I used a bit of music wire, but it looks like that will damage the door. Anybody have a better solution?
  14. Welp, I bit the bullet, and now have a replacement device. So far it's working on Verizon. I'll probably go for one of the wallet cases until a made-to-order case is available. In the interim, I had gotten a Kyocera Duroforce Pro 2, which isn't much of a performer, but is nearly literally indestructible. I'll swap the sim card back and forth depending on the needs of the day.
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