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  1. I'm definitely for a smaller format. That they had that much space for the keyboard, and still put the number row unreachably close to the screen was disappointing. I like curved sceens about as much as I do novel respiratory diseases and bedbugs. Combined. I finally got a 3D printed case to kind of work (double stick tape is involved), before that between the size and inadvertant screen contact it was all but unusable while maintaining a safe grip. I'd have to seize it with the edges of my forefingers and pinkies, which caused vicious cramping in under a minute.
  2. I concur, Droid4 was the ideal size format. It also had no godawful curved screen, so a two piece case didn't interfere with the number row.
  3. Oddly enough, it's called a hole punch. Specifically, a leather hole punch.
  4. Voice network is LTE, VoLTE provisioned is selected. I just received a call with the normal mic, got a couple minutes in, lost the mic, then switched to speaker and completed the call.
  5. I'm on Verizon, so VOLTE and WiFi calling are my only available connections.
  6. I'm on VOLTE and it happened both in the car, and at home with no sound beyond an aquarium filter. So far a briefly lived glitch.
  7. I tried again, this time with PLA, fulfilled by Hudson. the front went on pretty well, the back again, way too small. however, this time, the back printed with minimal warping, and the PLA being flexible, a few bits of automotive mounting tape keep it in place. Again, with the flexibility, the front was pretty floppy, so I added tape at the ends, opposite the charging port and headphone jack. It behaves pretty well now. The terrifying frictionless feel is gone, and the phone can be handled without continuously triggering unwanted actions. I haven't loaded any software to contend with the scree
  8. To be fair, the first thing I tried after a reboot was to press on the exterior where the mike is, having heard some of the internals get loose. After re-reading, I opened the phone and massaged the base and screen separately. That may have been it, or it may have gotten tired of not working, or it may have just been crap reception.
  9. Oops. Lies, it decided to work just now. might be intermittent, might be Verizon.
  10. It hasn't worked since 13NOV. I was hoping it would straighten out, but it looks like I'll need to contact F(x)Tec, and get approval to take it apart. My first one drowned, so I took it almost entirely apart and reassembled it, so I'm optimistic I can get at the microphone.
  11. Friday morning, I received a call, everything was normal. Friday evening, I got another call. I could hear the caller clearly, but they could not hear me. They called back, I put them on speakerphone, and we completed the call. Since then, the only way to take a call is on speakerphone. I've tried turing the device off and back on, which completely exhausts my technical expertise. Any pointers?
  12. No real update in my opinions. Curved screens are trash. The number row is crowded. It's physically too slick to safely handle, both the foolishly curved screen and the inexplicably frictionless back. Zero waterproofing. Other than that, they have worked great. I'm open to a better camera software, but the stock takes photos and videos well enough if I have time to tamper with the settings. Keyboard works fine, battery life is excellent. I've had no issue with build quality or calling characteristics on my first, drowned device or the replacement. Once in a blue moon it will refuse to send a t
  13. I tried. 😄 Used Craftcloud, tried ABS with 40% infill, ordered two bumpers and two backs. The bumper went on, but falls off in my pocket. After a couple hours, it no longer stays on at all. The backs were both obviously warped. I broke one trying to straighten it, both were too short to attach even momentarily. Maybe PLA?
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