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  1. I received mine today. After being stuck with Fedex, not moving for a week, I did what the internet suggested and asked to have the shipper poke them about it with a pointy stick. It worked. Now all I need to do is learn what tweaks/apps/whatnot are recommended, and/or how to install Lineage OS
  2. Mine is stuck in Memphis. I was wondering what could have caused this, and apparently bad stuff is happening there. Apparently international packages MUST go through there since that's where customs is. On top of that, the Memphis hub has been severely slowed to the point of being almost entirely manual. On top of top of that, after glancing around public forums like Reddit and whatnot, a lot of people are reporting the Memphis hub saying that their package is "empty" and undeliverable. On top of top of top of that, Due to all of the people calling in about the above problems, there is a
  3. I received the stock signed email last week. It seems it will be more waiting for the tracking number. I placed my initial preorder over a year ago. I'm not used to this sort of delayed gratification...
  4. What's the latest version of Windows that it can run? It'd be nice to have something like a pocket laptop
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