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  1. It seems they're currently doing damage control in the Indiegogo comments. Information so far is the 662 can in fact do HDMI/Ubuntu Touch video output. ...One juicy tidbit seems to be that part of the reason for going with the 662 is: ...its the chipset their supplier already has access to, and going with something else would cost extra.
  2. Be careful what you wish for... 😞
  3. As others have already stated in the Indiegogo comments the 622 is noticeably slower in benchmarks vs the 835, and it doesn't have external display connectivity. IMO it's the wrong chipset to be substituting into the device, the 720G series would be a better option. While I'm not exactly sure of the EOL of that particular chipset nor its price point it appears to be the more suitable alternative to the inferior SD662. I am really disappointed that FxTec chose to downgrade their product. If this is not rectified before shipment it will likely be the last phone I buy from them.
  4. The problem is I had Magisk installed and used it to install some stuff which modified the system partition, then instead of uninstalling the addons before uninstalling magisk I just uninstalled Magisk, so of course it now has no knowledge of what was previously modified. When I get around to it I'll just wipe the whole phone with the 2020 firmware listed above. If I can't figure out a fireproof way of backing up the boot and system partitions before I go rooting it again I guess I just won't be rooting it again...
  5. Since I kept the phone (mostly) stock since I got it there isn't much on there data wise anyway. I'll probably just wipe everything with the 2020 firmware and be done with it. ...Still not sure if I actually have to modify the system partition before I am able to take an image of it. Magisk seems to get its root stuff by only changing the boot partition(?). I also saw theres a version of TWRP for the Pro1 as well. Can either of these be used to backup the system partition before anything SU/root related modifies it? I'd love to be able to grab an image of partitions before I actually go a
  6. ...What partitions are actually affected by rooting/Magisk? I know for sure the boot partition is since you have to reflash a Magisk patched version over adb. Is the system partition modified at all? I'd like to be able to dump a copy of the new system partition before anything modifies it, but from what I can tell you need root to dump it, and root requires modifying/adding stuff to the system partition...
  7. ...Instead of limiting the store version to 20 tabs, you could always plaster it with ads instead. 😉
  8. Dirty flashing? Is that wiping every partition with fresh copies of a firmware so its 'stock' again? At this point I'm seriously considering wiping it all with the 20200825 firmware. Theres nothing on the phone I can't put back on anyway. I was just hoping to get the OTA method working so I know what to do next time I get it all loaded up, rooted, and then get another OTA.
  9. Well I just reflashed the patched magisk boot img, re-added the 'systemless hosts' and 'youtube vanced' modules (adaway apk was still installed from original), uninstalled adaway, removed the hosts & yt modules, and chose the uninstall image only option inside magisk. I hoped doing so would revert everything the old installation did but I guess not, it still gives me error 20 when I try to do a ota update. What else can I do? I can't reflash the system partition since I don't have a virgin 20191203 copy of it. Would flashing a stock copy of the boot img do anything, or is that what ma
  10. Thanks, but all I gathered from that thread is I have to either wipe my phone back to stock, or reflash the system image? Is there a way I can reinstall Magisk and then uninstall the previously installed modules? EDIT: ...Does anyone have a backup of the 20191203 firmware? All I've managed to locate so far is 20191028 and 20200825. Are there any archives of the previous QX1000 firmwares anywhere?
  11. Well since my backup backup backup backup phone decided to snap off a SIM slot pin I'm finally putting my Pro1 into service (instead of waiting for a proper case for it like I was hoping). I'm a total noob when it comes to rooting phones, but I used (the possible original non-editied version of) this post by Craig to originally root my phone with a 20191203 firmware, and according to this post I installed 'Systemless Hosts', 'AdAway' & 'Youtube Vanced'. I turned on my phone for the first time in a while and it showed me a prompt to update to 20191210 (...why not something newer?)
  12. My payments worked fine for me. My (first) Pro 1 was via the website way back when they first became available. Used a Visa debit card, worked perfectly. This new Pro1-X was via a different Visa debit card from a different bank, but also worked perfectly. (AUS) Maybe getting a bank account with a linked debit card is the way to go?
  13. ...Did the secret parts bundle get removed? Seems theres now a public version, but it looks like it costs more than the original. 😞
  14. Looks interesting. Does the bumper affect things such as using the number row, or making it easier/harder to actually open/close?
  15. ...The last 2 crowdfunders I backed who decided it was a good idea to ship stock to merchants before fulfilling their duties to their crowdfunders ended up turning their comments sections into a minefield and possibly tarnishing their reputation with eventual shipping delays & issues. Honestly I really hope FxTec doesn't follow suit. Support those who are supporting you first. If merchants really want bundles perhaps add multipack options to the IGG that they can select along with the rest of us...
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