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  1. my last new topic, concerning the latest update from F(x)tec seems to be deleted. Do you guys see it is the reaction from F(x)tec enough to prove they are fully sure they are not doing the right things right?
  2. If you think "hey this guy is demanding something unreasonable"... I am working for OEM business, and I know how the semiconductor companies announce EOL of the product. They usually provide the notification 3 months before they announce the EOL. F(x)tec mentioned "negotiate with supply chain" - actually it happened 3 month before. It does mean, they had not placed the order in Nov 2020, while they had observed the back-orders, presumably from Jan 2020 to Nov 2020. Don't you think their logistic management is seriously terrible, not to order the cr
  3. I have requested to cancel my order and refund immediately. If you agree, please do so. If the sufficient buyers provide the loud voice, they will be more serious. I am pretty sure, they have purchased subcomponents already, and if many claim the calcellation and refund, they will be financially negative, so as to avoid the situation, they shall more seriously think the better work-around.
  4. I think some of you have received the following message from F(x)tec - Hello, Here’s an important update about the Pro1's chipset. The Qualcomm Snapdragon (SD) 835 is now end of life and we were informed last month that it can no longer be purchased from our suppliers, despite having paid for the components back in December. Over the past few weeks, we have had long discussions with our manufacturer and various suppliers to look at the alternative chipsets options and have made the decision to go with the more recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 (2020 model). This change of chipset
  5. Thank you for a couple of "thanks" to my post. I can imagine their situation - I am working for OEM business. They wanna run one batch as big volume as possible, accumulating a certain period of orders, then negotiate with EMS when to run. It is a small volume business destiny. My order # is 56715, that means between Jan 20th to Aug 31 (7month 11 days), they have only 8000pcs order. It can be a few days production volume, precluding the production line flip time (convert the line from one model to the other) which is usually a few days. Naturally how man
  6. I know this type of threads got heated - anyway, I got response from fxtec support today concerning my 2nd piece order on Aug/31/2020, find as below. i.e. ETA next spring. FTN00b22, if you place order now and you are lucky, you will get it next summer. The most realistic estimate we have at the moment for another batch, which will include your order is between January 2021 and March 2021. We're very much aware your device should have arrived by now, and we're sorry we haven't met the previously suggested estimates. We want you to try the Pro1 for yourself more than a
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