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  1. Excuse me if I'm not following you all correctly, so is the main conflict caused by interference between tx and mic? If so could disabling certain radio bands improve this issue?
  2. Off the current topic, but MediaTek is a big no for me. A Pro2 should ideally just be smaller with a flat screen– not everyone has gigantic thumbs– and all variants of NR. But I understand the part supply costs involved.
  3. Well if anyone gets a [preferably shell] case designed I'm ready to buy. And a matching holster would be great too. I have 2 more days left on my Droid4 before Verizon shuts down their CDMA network and love the versatility of accessories they provided: screen protector; rubberized textured shell case with integrated kickstand AND a fitting belt holster; windshield/dashboard car dock; desk dock. It'd be nice if the Pro1 was designed with features to accommodate a case attachment (e.g. notches), I don't get why they didn't do anything for this phone's odd form factor.
  4. I like this solution. I've been using the Motorla stock desk dock (has micro USB and mini HDMI, because ports are on the side) and going to miss it.
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