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  1. https://droidian.org/blog/state-of-droidian-week-36-2023/ Latest developments in Droidian includes fixes to the camera stack. Has anyone been able to record video on pro1x?
  2. I did have issues with data and voice with LTE band as well but with the current settings I chose, it works flawless for both data and voice but I am limited to data speed H+. WiFi has never been an issue for me. It could vary maybe on each phone, maybe they are all built slightly differently and of course carriers use different bands.
  3. Try changing the preferred network type under SIMs settings. I found that the default one often resulted in disconnections. For me tdcdma/wcdma worked good for network stability.
  4. I am able to connect via adb and was able to pull /dev/block/sda2 . Is it normal to be about 40MB? Is there another partition for userdata and modem? I had run into issues when using the command below via terminal: adb shell find /dev/block/platform -name “by-name” -exec ls -Al -Z –color {} \; and this error comes up: find: -exec without \; How can I see which partition is used for userdata. I am able to see where the directory is when I run : adb shell find /dev/block/platform ls which lists all the files in "by-name" below including userdata: /dev/block/platfo
  5. Looks like fxtec pro1x has now reached stable and is officially supported now in ota-2
  6. Not sure why but the manjaro install did not work for me. I don't know if it has something to do with the default directory its set to. Has anyone had any luck?
  7. There's been tweets about megapixel app working with some android devices on post market os. I'm curiouse if it would work on this device.
  8. Has anyone been able to get desktop mode to work on an external monitor? I have tried using the pine64 type C to HDMI out adapter and it doesn't appear to work. Is there some configuration needed?
  9. I found an article that gives you step by step instructions on how to install arch manjaro as proot on android/lineage os through termux. This looks like a great alternative to getting Linux to run on your phone. I will be trying this tonight. Would be awesome to try the lineage desktop mode and run manjaro. https://github.com/krmanik/Manjaro-Linux-on-Android
  10. Amazon Canada recommended a great case for my pro1x that fits exceptionally well. The only downfall is that you have to take off the case if you want to use the slide out keyboard. The holes are all in the correct places and line up pretty good. There are these little tabs you can cut out to extend to some of the buttons at ease. Check out the case below: https://a.co/d/8ZHO0Qj
  11. Has anyone been able to get live(motion photos) to work? I found pocophone f1 has similar specs to this model. The gcam port I found that works best is the one below from BSG-MCG though I can't get the live photos to work. https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-bsg/f/dl157/
  12. Hi, Anyone using this as a daily driver on pro1x? Is the camera and GPS working OK?
  13. Hi, is there a linux container that would work on rooted android?
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