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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/fxtec/comments/11tp815/top_reasons_why_you_should_never_buy_fxtec_pro1x/
  2. If we buy this, why that non-transparent? Why we do not know anything about how this happened, if there was any legal action etc? I call BS.
  3. Top reasons why you should NEVER buy Fxtec Pro1x (long story short, I am back at Unihertz Titan) It looks like eye candy at first glance, but it is ergonomically AWFUL. The guys behind it have ZERO clue about how to do and test the mechanical UX, so: The fingerprint sensor is placed in the wrongest possible location: on edge in a place you grip it by accident when you just pick it up from a pocket or from a table. Supplement this with the software defaults -- 10 attempts and you are locked out forever until the system reboot.
  4. It's really hilarious: to make thing exactly the opposite of intended way: - If you funded early on Indiegogo, you get no phone and no refund; - If you waited one year and then decided to pre-order on the website, you have your money locked for a year more, but now you get a refund and can buy the phone cheap on Expansys - If you do not back and do not preorder, you can just buy the phone from stock on half the initial price! Those who defend such an unethical way to do the business are either out of their mind or suffering from heavy Stockholm syndrome case.
  5. Nope, it does not (VoLTE and "WiFI calling" are two other different things that require operator support; SIP calling does not 🙂
  6. Does fxtec official Android ROM support it? Blackberry Key2 does!
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