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  1. Could it possibly be easier to use the XDA page instead?
  2. Based on what I've seen in the group, the latest firmware has no effect the lte issue. The latest firmware on the group include various Qualcomm tools, and is for recoding the issue and sending the logs to Fxtec I'm in Australia, using Telstra's network for third party carriers
  3. I'm part of the Telegram group for Beta testers etc. Based on a lot of discussion from the community, which seems to have died in the last few weeks, no one knows what causes the issue with data. A couple of people went as far as installing external antennae to see if it's something with the hardware or metal case. Hats off to 'em, not sure about the results though. Again, they were from the community. No-one from Fxtec has communicated anything in months. As far as anyone can tell, all work on this issue is dead and has ceased, everyone has given up and no-one is looking at it at all. Un
  4. A couple of things that might help, which helped me with the same error are: - Use original USB cable - Plug into a USB 2 port - Setup everything first ready to go, then go into EFL mode last. There's a short timeout if you go into EFL mode first while you're setting everything up - Disable driver signing verification in Windows
  5. I completely agree with all of @kevg's points. I'm not a programmer, but I work in an IT company that provides exceptional support. I'm telling you that this sort of behaviour wouldn't fly at our company. If there are weird issues with our platform we're onto it, we let the client know what we're doing and get support directly with the developers. Even if it costs us in the short term, the benefits to reputation far outweight it. I'm part of that Beta Telegram group, it's a waste of time. Good people on there trying to figure things out, but little response or movement from staff at Fxtec
  6. I was wondering about that, is there a phone with the same chipset? Could we pull something from there and port it over to a ROM for the Pro 1x?
  7. Hi Matthias, You can see my experience here if you like: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3782-experience-so-far-with-pro1x
  8. OK, I've merged the logs generated by Discover LTE with my ping test. Hopefully it makes sense to someone. So there were timeouts as you'll see even though it was much better than usual. I have attached the spreadsheet. The column "LTE event" is just when something is logged by Discover LTE. The column "ping timeout" hopefully is self explanatory. lte_logs.xlsx
  9. Hi all, I've been mucking around with the LTE Discovery app some of us have been using. Trying to gather as much data as I can, so stay tuned. (if I can get my act together) I paid for the pro version in the end (about $3) and it has a nifty little feature where it resets the cell radio on a "not connected" condition. So far, I've been using data on my phone all day with no issues. Even voice calls in and out are working, so far. I've also been running a continuous ping test every 2 seconds while hotspotted and no dropped pings It's not a solution but maybe a useful workaround for th
  10. The devs are in the UK yeah? I'm in Australia, others seem to be having issues around Europe. From what I've read over the years telcos in North America have all these weird arbitrary restrictions and feature locks, so not surprised if they're having problems. Is anyone here from the UK and experiencing the problem? If so, who is your provider?
  11. I think you give me too much credit 🤣 I just copied what everyone else did But if I can help, happy to. I didn't seem to receive a link, are you able to resend?
  12. Awesome, now what can we do with that information?
  13. In Australia with my provider, according to documentation band 3 is 3G: 850MHz, 2100MHz 4G/LTE: 1800MMHz Here are the details in a screenshot This seems to match what @FlyingAntero said in an earlier post here:
  14. Thought I'd do another one while my phone was having a no data moment, not sure if it means anything to anyone? You can compare it to my previous screenshot when things were "normal"
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