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  1. Yeah, I don't know. Hard to say if it made a connection, but in the attempt the spring that I have that @Jormsen did not have fell off. What a piece of trash. I held a wire to the other spring under the GPS and that seems to positively affect my 5GHz signal. FWIW.
  2. SImilar for me. I have one of the springs that you're missing: I will try using a small bit of metallic tape to bridge the presumed connection to case edge. Will report back.
  3. @spam71, would you kindly link to said video? A cursory search was unsuccessful.
  4. Agreed. This is not a manufacturing problem. I would intuitively say this is a bug in 1 line of code in the DSP. Some mundane detail, like a decimal point. 😆
  5. Yes, right/bottom speaker on mine also cuts in and out. I have not tested pressing on the case. My assumption is that this is a firmware issue. The cutting out seems to occur when the audio exceeds a certain level. I have applied no scientific method to confirm this, yet.
  6. Well i thought i double posted a response to this, but now i only see the one i edited and removed everything. Anyway, I have two 5 GHz access points in the house, one is 25~30 feet away, mounted on the ceiling, within perfect, unobstructed line-of-sight. And the signal strength is "Fair" to "Poor". No 2.4Ghz access points in the house.
  7. Edit: Oops, duplicate post, because of fumbling with the phone...
  8. Same. I bet this is a radio firmware problem, not a radio hardware problem. I'm sure as more people get their devices, these kinks will get worked out.
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