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  1. Is there an IRC/Matrix bridge, or some other way to connect? There are too many issues with Discord for me to feel comfortable using it.
  2. Yep, I'm definitely flashing the sailfish .simg. After reflashing the stock rom and trying again, the phone no longer boots into UT but hangs at the 'Powered by Android' screen. When It's connected to a computer it appears as a media device with the name 'Failed to boot'. I haven't had any problems flashing UT or stock. I might have done some strange things with fastboot in my frustration over the last few days, could anything there be the cause? I assumed flashing stock would restore everything to factory condition but I might be wrong there.
  3. After flashing, the UT is reset & runs the first boot setup wizard. Weirdly, a final `fastboot set_active a` hangs.
  4. While we wait for full instructions, does anyone have a quick summary of what to do with this file?
  5. I've followed these instructions but the phone always boots back into Ubuntu Touch. Do you need to start with the stock rom?
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