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  1. Having a Pro1X since August on Salt Network in Switzerland and observed a clear weaker cellular connectivity comparing to other phones in my company with the same provider. The mentioned waiting time before call-start or even non-availibility for incoming calls is a regular fact. After now a week of business-traveling with roaming in Italy, I plan to change my phone. Comparing to my business-partner with a Z-Flip I was often lost with connectivity, or with a rate below 1Mbit with a Samsung on full speed beside me. My physical-keyboard-phone is worthless, when I live on the moon with it.
  2. Sometimes in life you are a lucky guy, and the problem-app begins with an "A". Anydesk was the influencer in my case. I did not even had to uninstall it. Just removed all the rights in the special-rights chapter. And my physical keyboard is giving me the proper values again. Thanks to all !
  3. Having a QWERTZ-Pro1X and the same issues. Actually all specific physical keyboard signs like äöü? do not work any more. or give a complete different value In the first days of usage I think they did fine. Uninstalling Android Assistant for example did not gave a positive result. Are there other ways except the factory reset ? As having a lot of apps (including several e-banking-ones), it would be nice to avoid the reinstall of all those.
  4. Just made a test comparing Pro1X to my BB Key2 - on 5 GHz Band. There is some difference, knowing the Key2 is not the best Phone on Wifi. (The stronger connection is the Blackberry) Distance 3 m.
  5. Seem having been on a fast lane. Ordered through IGG in June (QWERTZ) and received on Saturday from FedEX the message they picked up my parcel. Arrived today in Switzerland, but can't unfortunately get it, as I am in Spain. I hope it's the phone and not only the spare parts of the IGG-Bundle. 😉
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