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  1. 12 hours ago, mangled said:


    Anyone using this as a daily driver on pro1x? Is the camera and GPS working OK? 

    The GPS works about as well as it does in Android/Lineage and I find Pure Maps to be a reasonable navigation app as long as you pitch in on OpenStreetMaps. The camera, however, doesn't work out of the box. After installing `pinhole` the camera works but is NOT full-featured. The experience outside of the camera (and broken convergence) is smoother than on my Librem 5, but it's certainly not fully polished.

  2. I was experiencing the 100% battery issue, but never had any sudden power-offs, and I'm using the phone nearly all day at this point. The full-for-too-long issue seems to have vanished since I've flashed the current beta ROM, but I am not certain it would address your primary fault.

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  3. I didn't spend a ton of time in Droidian, as I'm actaully quite enjoying using the Android ROM as a daily driver so far, but I did flash it and give it a go. I like that it has a real version of Firefox in which I can install & use extensions. The maps app isn't the worst map app I've ever used. There's a native Telegram app that actually works and may be usable in landscape mode with just a little tiny bit of UI tweaking. Location services worked great. Did not seem to suck down much more battery than the stock ROM. 

    The actual Gnome interface is pretty bad in landscape mode, which is where my phone primarily resides. The camera doesn't work (which is typical on these early-stage ROMs, so no biggie.) Torch doesn't work. Haven't tried with a SIM card yet, so I'll re-visit that when I activate service on another card.

    The software selection seemed shockingly much better than Ubuntu Touch. I have a Pixel 3a that I've been running UT on for a while, and now that I'm seeing it's no longer officially supported by Droidain, I'm saddened a bit that I hadn't found it earlier. The current UT ROM that's out there seems to work better with landscape mode, but the app selection on Droidian was just so much better that it's officially the OS I'm most excited to follow.

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  4. Do not expect to get your order quickly, I think even the 10-12 weeks estimate above my post is very optimistic. There are still people waiting on Pro1 orders from before the IGG campaign, according to some.


    It's a really neat device and I'm having fun with it, but I wouldn't expect anything rapidly from this small of a manufacturer, they just aren't big enough to not get the brunt of every industrial/shipping/logistics issue worldwide.

  5. 1 hour ago, eBrnd said:

    For me it started working again after I did "fastboot flash persist persist.img" (using the persist.img from the Archive posted above) (Edit: Don't try at home, it might do more harm than good. See the thread about landscape mode). I've read that does not restore all functionality, but on my Pro1X everything seems to work fine for now (i.e. Screen rotation, keyboard backlight etc. are back).

    So if I've already backed up my still-signed persist partition, I'm guessing I should be safe to flash the persist.img from the factory backup? Frankly, the screen rotation feature is a pretty important one to me, and if I can fix this all later with my existing backup, I'm more than happy to do it. 

  6. Hey everyone,

    I just got my Pro-1x today, and since I ordered it with Ubuntu, I immediately flashed Ubuntu and played around with it. Ultimately, I decied that if I wanted to use this phone as a phone, I need to re-flash Android. I did a factory reset, and hurray, I have Android again. But now the sliding out the keyboard does nothing. This functionality worked fine in Ubuntu; hell, it worked fine in Sailfish when I played around with it, but in the stock Android sliding out the keyboard does absolutely nothing. The home screen doesn't rotate, the browser doesn't rotate, and although the keyboard works, it's not particularly useful with the screen rotated 90 degrees.

    Am I missing something obvious? There are no available OS updates and I even re-flashed with the stock Android image from "ROMs" thread elsewhere on the forum.

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