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  1. Your optimism is inspiring! Thanks for being and staying cool 😄 Also i ordered an X as soon as it was available since i share the bad conscience OSwaldo mentioned above from being lucky and receiving the Pro¹ early. Now want to support others that did not even receive that by making sure F(x) has some cash flow. Plus the outlook to finally have a spare not-daily-driver Pro¹ to test out all those yummy OS that have been adapted in the meanwhile. Imo the March delivery commitment has some safety margin already calculate in. Last time Chinese New Year was a delay reason and it looks to me t
  2. Sir, you asked in the discord and we created a buy+sell channel right after your request 😄 There is a never unboxed QWERTZ version up from a trusted member i personally met for 800€ if you did not see. Or did you see and what you are looking for is QWERTY version?
  3. The work around for the fingerprint seems to be to register those parts of your palm that usually trigger the reader in error. I did the following, activate FP registration and do those task that trigger the reader. Like lay it on the table and pick it up and lay it down until this action is registered as FP1. Then move to FP2 and eg pull the pro¹ from your pocket multiple times until FP2 is registered. I did this with 5 actions and the result was the pro¹ unlocked as soon as i picked it up.
  4. Did you not find the screen protector hidden in the manual?? It is very good quality imo.
  5. No fear, you are even still in the given delivery timeframe of 4-6 weeks. But to already prepare you, it is not likely you will receive your Pro¹ before end of February (hopefully during march) since the devices produced pre chinese new year have been sent out and new ones are only produced starting from this week. There have been delays even in the month since you ordered sadly. And prepare for (friendly) laughter from other members triggered by your attitude. You are literally complaining amongst folk that waited for the original moto-mod since Feb 2017. Personally i was lucky and at
  6. To give hope, we had a user on discord with a prominent pink line over the display. He got sent a new display unit with in ~2weeks. It was straight forward to change with only the screws to remove on the backside of the display.
  7. Pro¹ is the lightest phone with hardware keyboard (German) https://benedikt.io/2020/01/fxtec-pro1-leichtestes-android-smartphone-hardware-tastatur/
  8. Today i got the headphones accompanying my very early delivery from November. I am very satisfied with the build quality. The cables are soft but sturdy enough to not knot easily. There is no plastic smell, all components feel worthy. Compared to quiet neutral Sennheiser, the the mids and bass are nicely emphasized. No distortion in the heights even at unbearable 100%. They sit very comfy and yet tight. My expectations are met, Thank you at F(x)tec.
  9. Yes, it is recommended to update the Pro¹ to after flashing. Craigs commands are correct, thwy need to be executed with root permission. `devel-su` in Sailfish.
  10. The good news from this thread seems to be the confirmation the Pro¹ being easily serviceable. Kudos to you taking the right action and let a professional solve this correctly. Was that a 3rd party repair shop not related to F(x)tec even or did they recommend to you where to go?
  11. Just to complete with a follow up, the error was rooted in using USB 3.0 Port. As soon as @Astaoth used a USB 2.0 Port via a docking station, the flashing process worked as expected
  12. Since Pro¹ is 73,6mm wide i can safely say i got the 62-77mm variant. Most likely mine is an old model of 511307. But since 711042 starts at min 70mm it should also fit, right.
  13. The universal holder from Brodit does the job. Sorry, no idea about measurements and order number, it is like 6 years old. But i just needed to widen this universal holder to max after using it for XA2 which was more narrow. The thickness is exactly matching the cutout space so the pro¹ sits very tight. https://twitter.com/eLtMosen/status/1197074326245257216 Oh, and cheers form an Audi 80 [B4] owner for ~10years 😄 Now i upgraded to this nice [W639] Vito with just 260tKm.
  14. No fear. So far community members have perfectly helped each other in configuring and afaik everyone solved eventual starting issues. I had perfectly mapped QWERTZ on Android thanks to community members explaining FinQwerty use to me. Now that i run Sailfish i try to give back and have propsed a mapping for SFOS QWERTZ. Just ask here or in the unofficial Discord for more chattier help!
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