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  1. I have brotect on Jolla Phones, Jolla Tablet, intex aquafish, Xperia X and XA2 since years and all is good. The Xperia X is most comparable to Pro1 curved screen from the devices i have and brotect sticks really good to the curved edges. Also i think it is a move worth to support that protectionfilm24 listed Fxtec Pro1 by name already. Will buy some. Maybe the resistive screen of N900 has other needs than capacitive ones. I have a very cheap 2€ for 6pc foils on my N900 which work perfectly but still like brotect on glass screens.
  2. Update in first post with image. All bubbles and fog from my wrong application are gone over night.
  3. As i just ran into trouble while applying the screen protector that came with the Pro1, i would like to discuss a safe way to do it. There where no instructions included with my protector. Since there are many different types of protective films, first of all it helps to know that the one supplied is of the variety consisting of 3 layers, 2 protective layers sandwiching a very thin rubbery actual protective film that wraps around the curved screen when all is done. Had i know that, i would have not tried to peel that tiny white sticker off the upper protective layer which i assumed to be the real deal already. By doing that i disrupted the thin protective film in a way that it developed awkward air includes that i could not get rid off anymore. For you to do better, here is the way i would have done it if i knew which type of "system" i am dealing with. Clean device from grease and dust, preferably with microfiber cloth. Remove a bit from the lower 1st layer, beginning at the speaker/cam cut outs and bend it back so a bit of the 2nd actual film layer is exposed. Center this 2nd layer foil to the speaker and camera and align it to the top of the screen. The less you apply the better you can still move it. Put a Credit Card along the correctly aligned top and use it to guide the exposed protective film while you pull the lower 1st layer continuously. Ignore the curves for now, it is the time to move eventual bubbles from the center to the sides using the CC. When all is bubble free, begin to wrap the curves starting from center up and down. The 3rd top protective layer will get scratched in the (CC) process and lift itself from the outer curves eventually, ignore that. ( I did not and made it worse by lifting parts of 3rd layer). Wait until the harder 3rd top layer has completely lifted itself from the curves back to being flat. Now you can gently remove the top layer safely using the tiny white sticker and are hopefully left with a bubble free experience. UPDATE If you have tiny air includes left like i had, not all is lost. From uneven application i had a field of foggy includes next to the camera. This all disappeared over night! Image attached. Corrections and additions welcome! Is already known which 3rd Party protectors would fit the Pro1? I am keen to order some and try again.
  4. Oh no, now i got mental pictures... Stupid humans.
  5. I do not mind too much either but can understand people needing the acoustic hint that an image was taken. I was confused for the first 5 or so images if they where taken at all. Had to look into the gallery to confirm. Only then i tried Open Camera with shutter sound and realized Snapdragon Cam has a bug. Knowing that there is no shutter sound now i just take the visual hint which is the inner focus circle going green until it disappears.
  6. Yesterdays update QXW1000_EEA_05500.19Q401_20191111-1505 fixed the following bugs: - touch screen freeze issue (double tap to wake temporarily removed) - 3G issue - HDMI Output - Camera vignette effect - setting item display issues with test OTA package Remaining bugs for me after first update are: - missing/mismapped chars on QWERTZ \ µ ~ € ° ' ? - Checking all sensors with AIDA64 shows updating results for 2 seconds than crashes the whole device to reboot. - Battery capacity still reported at 1000mAh (in e.g. Ampere Meter Pro) - No shutter sound in Snapdragon Camera app. Open Camera has shutter sound
  7. FYI, if your CC is getting declined it is best to call your bank/card-issuing-institue and talk to them in person. My payment went through but my card was block temporary afterwards because my bank suspected unsecure activity. Had to clear that up in person on the phone. Reason for triggering the warning in my case simply was i never paid anything >500€ as my agent told me. CC transactions are less automated than you may think nowadays due to fraud protection. My card was literally blocked manually (10 min after transaction) by the same agent i later called to unblock (by coincidence?).
  8. @Michael, even if you have not preordered the phone, just contact FX via email. Naturally they want to serve the preorderers first and we agreed on a fixed number of guests for the two slots in the booking system, but it is highly unlikely we run out of actual space/seats.
  9. These are two slots, each about 3hours long. First starting 15:00 to 18:00, second 18:00 to 21:00. But i assure you it is no problem to stay longer, eg. stay after the first slot, or come sooner than the second or first slot and wait for it. The venue will be set up around 13:00 to 14:00 according to current plan. EDIT, Ahhh now i see the 13-15 and 15-17 mention in the screenshot. That was a timeframe discussed at the start of planning and has been changed to 15-18, 18-21. I guess it is a typo of some sort or not fully edited record when changing from earlier planning.
  10. I am not related to Fx(tec) but the venue host at Meerbusch near Düsseldorf and sincerely hope i do not spoil anything unwanted regarding the date. But for your better planning, we agreed on Tuesday the 23rd of July and it is very unlikely to change from now. I hope to be able to welcome you!
  11. Yep. Agreed. Preventing the "denglish" mix up when using shift and caps/caplk side by side with strg/entf was the reason for me taking action and critize the first version Chen posted on twitter. The word Umschalten is super hard to shorten. Umschlt or Umslt read hilariously in german and are not much shorter. I am all for full symbol use where possible. And like you said, please no mix up in cases. My favourite would be all small caps since all of them are verbs(?)
  12. Only ignorant people do not <3 "Kontrolle" or the verb "kontrollieren" in german has a subset meaning that would cover the function of the "control" button but is not used like this in german. The supervise/check/monitor meaning is the dominant as in danish as i now learned from you. Steuerung is not even perfect though, the function would need the verb "steuern" to make complete sense. The english control is also the verb form but makes no difference. Most people even say "steuer + V" when meaning "Steuerung + V". Concluding in Str/STR/str would be the most appropriate nerdy but uncommon solution. Imo "Die Steuerung" suggests a whole controlpanel/steering-device/controlunit and is slightly since forever.
  13. Actually, steering is Lenkung (used for vehicles). Steuerung is control.
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