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  1. Lucky you, I contacted my bank and they contacted fxtec bank to ask for refund (fxtec support is completely ignoring me for months) , but the refund is not possible, said the money has already been used up, at least they finally confirmed my order which I payed for half a year ago, I guess just 1.5 more years to go, whether it be refund or the phone, i'd like either one at this point
  2. I have been trying to fix my bank transfer since August
  3. I am also thinking about refund, the phone didnt came for month and the support is not responding
  4. funnily enough my tickets are also about payment
  5. So is it just me or is the support team having difficulties dealing with all the tickets? They are ghosting me for weeks, I dont know if I did something or thats just general issue ☹️
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