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Today was my best day with the pro1!

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Today was the best moment I've had with the pro1. I bent it with my hands, threw it across the room into a wall, I retrieved it and the thing was still on even though the screen was cracked, and the keyboard dislodged from the body! I pulled my sim and sdcard from the phone so I could finish the job. I took it out to my workbench and smashed it to pieces with a hammer. It was truly the most satisfying moment I had with the pro1.


  • The spontaneous reboots for days on end and then stability for a couple weeks, only to start rebooting again.
  • The ability of the camera to take one picture and then move to the settings screen every time I want to snap another.
  • The dropped calls ad nauseum.
  • The screen swapping to whatever application or doing some unwanted action because I so much as looked at the rounded edge.
  • The inability to wifi call or use SMS over wifi.
  • The bluetooth failure to transmit audio to some devices only putting out a weird popping sound.
  • The wobbly screen that rattles because the hinge mechanism is put together poorly. (The nokia n97 worked with zero rattle)
  • The first screen that had a pink line through the side.
  • The antennas/radio that are garbage (I put my sim in a unihertz titan and found out I actually have 4g service in a lot of places I thought my provider didn't have service at all.)
  • The lack of updates/patches.
  • The autorotate feature that just doesn't work.
  • The volume controls that don't work for speaker phone, in call volume, or other externally played sound.
  • The constant popups to us gboard/keyboard when trying to use the keyboard.


Even though I destroyed my phone with a hammer, I want a refund for the time and trouble this phone put me through. I can't think of a worse experience I've had with a phone. I can only hope that a second release comes out that is a bit smaller and a lot more functional.

If a pro2 were to come out as wide and tall as the iphone6 without the rounded screen, decent radios, and decent build quality. I would consider using my refund money to buy fxtec's next iteration. Good riddance pro1.

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Seems an awful waste since a) I have no idea why you think you are entitled to a refund for a smashed phone and b) unsmashed, you probably could have sold it.

But if the therapy was worth $700+, glad it was cathartic.

By the way, very little of the above has been my experience.

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3 hours ago, ToniCipriani said:

Pics or it didn't happen.

Sounds like you could be right. Looks like an odd scam. The account created a few days ago using a "spamdecoy" mail-address. It all have an ooze of fake... But I could be wrong of course.

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I don't understand the mentality of people who choose to use their time for wit, instead I dunno...community service? Or reading a book to better oneself. 

I have a Unihertz Titan to pass the time, but no doubt I will be ready to buy into the Pro 1 the moment things start settling in. We're a niche audience: This is expected. 

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13 hours ago, Jerrykaisler said:

Even though I destroyed my phone with a hammer, I want a refund for the time and trouble this phone put me through.

That's hilarious.

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