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  1. I don't think they've said that. Last update spoke of having almost 100% of our factory staff back to work. And that they can ramp up, but not to where. No indication that they're at full capacity I think.
  2. I thought somebody did manage to get the launcher apk at least. But then you'd still not have the source code.
  3. Quite impossible to tell I think. They're beginning shipping again, and before this whole mess it seemed they were close to done with shipping pre-orders. So I'd guess we're mostly waiting for them to ramp up to complete productivity again. But if that is weeks or months? No idea.
  4. Also interested in this. I think I mostly get it when I try to use my browser and keep way too many tabs open, so maybe it lags a little bit and registers a hold when I released? Also I don't know how to disable the automatic spell correct, I'll type something and it'll change it to something else. I thought I disabled all that stuff but clearly not.
  5. Honestly, that's illegal in some places at least. They're required to try and do everything to keep afloat, to ward off bankruptcy. Saying people should get their money back is a good way to go bankrupt. First cases started then I think yeah, but it started to really affect companies and supply lines in January.
  6. I'm not 100% sure how this all works, but I think that the bootloader check is just 1 of the safetynet checks. LOS wouldn't be verified by Google, which is also one of the checks.
  7. It was always known that default LineageOS wouldn't pass safetynet. Only "new" information is that the stock software is perhaps subpar, but I wouldn't say that's news either and I expected that, and it's also subjective. I don't think this is even a problem with the phone, more so with proprietary apps being stupid.
  8. That's outdated, current devices are shipped with a locked bootloader. First shipments were with an unlocked bootloader, but customers had to lock it to pass safetynet. See
  9. South Korea, which has tested a lot of people, had 7300 infected and 50 deaths on March 8th. So, 0,68%, significantly more than you're saying and 6,8 times more than the flue. These numbers can also rise if not kept in check because then the amount of people that need treatment will rise above the level that hospitals can manage, resulting in people with this virus taking places that are needed by people with other issues. But experts still aren't sure about the percentage, it's too early to tell. It's fair to say it's significantly more than the flue. Personally I'd guess it's between 1% and 4%.
  10. Set a deadline and threaten further actions (chargeback, reporting to governing authorities, etc.) if your rights aren't met.
  11. Jesus christ, I can't believe some of the replies here. People die because of this, the lethality rate is much higher than the flu (or the cold), people that survive can have a significantly worse quality of life, and there's a significant hospitalization rate among the people that get it putting pressure on hospitals that might not be able to take it if drastic actions aren't taken. I sincerely hope everybody stays safe during this pandemic.
  12. That's got to be at least tricky legally. Searching a bit it seems that technically they should be able to do that, at least in the EU. Anywhere else and they might run into problems with the contract with google for the play store certification since it apparently says you can't sell devices with and with google play services. Aside from that, if they find a way to sell it with LineageOS instead, they'd be selling a phone that technically doesn't have all the features advertised since it wouldn't have google pay. They could do some other tricks to ship LineageOS with working google pay, but I think that would be even trickier legally. But yeah, I'd advise customers to just install LineageOS themselves. It's very easy, and if you manage to brick it the dev seems keen to help even the deepest bricks. It's also one of the advertised features.
  13. If that's the case they should just send a reply to tell them that, it wouldn't explain the inability to reply to emails.
  14. Also reasonable to expect it to last until it's no longer mentioned, but here we are. Kinda weird, I don't have anything to do with the company. Don't see how this should affect anything with your order, but considering you've already cancelled once I don't think this is a real issue. You seem to misread me here, I just hate it when people are misrepresenting facts or arguing with plain old fallacies. They could've handled that better, probably, I didn't follow it too closely because I don't care about those earbuds. That could explain it. Not sure how that would work legally then though, if you refuse to update a page with changed terms on an order.
  15. No, that's not how logic works. Just because it's extended doesn't mean it's extended until further notice, or that there's no end date. A while might've been 1 second and it would've been technically correct. You ordered something that didn't mention you'd get earbuds, and you're not getting earbuds, nothing wrong with this. I'm not just going to believe you when it doesn't line up with pretty much everything else.
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