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  1. Wow, that looks terrible. Seems like you should be able to add options to it according to this article? Though it mentions a three dots button, which I'm not seeing in your screenshot. This is like Windows 8 all over again, why make it huge and occupy the whole screen? The small 4 options on the side in LineageOS 16 were great.
  2. I'm still on LOS 16 because I was too lazy to manually update when it said I couldn't automatically update. Could I go from 16 straight to 18.1? I'd rather not lose data, but it's not critical.
  3. Any idea what this means for security updates for the 835 and LineageOS for example?
  4. I find the Pro1 pretty good for thumb-typing. The keyboard is approaching the limit of how wide it should be to be comfortable, but for me it's not too wide yet. I don't think it's a "jack of all trades, master of none", to me it seems like they chose to focus on thumb-typing, with desktop-typing being more of an afterthought. And the Astro Slide looks to be significantly worse for thumb-typing. They seem like different devices accomplishing different things, and I'm not interested at all in the Astro Slide. I like the keyboard to quickly flip it out and type something, on the Astro Slid
  5. I think you're mostly right. I don't think you should consider this a "normal" pre-order or even order, there are huge red flags that indicate to me that you might not get your product or your money back. It's not a malicious company or anything though, I fully believe F(x)tec wants to supply these products and refund the people that want refunds (though they probably want you to enjoy the product instead), this just seems to be a fact of a pretty small company trying to do something very ambitious. There's a risk that's normally not present when buying products, however if you approach it fro
  6. I appreciate F(x)tec trying to supply an official Android version that supports Google Pay and the like, but from what I've seen the updates for that are pretty slow. This seems mostly due to their partners, and there are probably costs involved, but the latest update (including security updates) was months ago. Meanwhile LineageOS seems to be getting almost weekly updates. Granted I don't think I've ever really noticed a change between versions, but there are still security updates in there. It's probably fine to not have those security updates, plenty of people go through life just fine with
  7. Some even resort to exploiting bugs in the system, see https://medium.com/@topjohnwu/from-anime-game-to-android-system-security-vulnerability-9b955a182f20 it's quite amazing to see the lengths some apps are willing to go through just to know if you have more access to your phone or not. But yeah, root detection methods are plentiful.
  8. Well, that's sadly part of the deal for not shipping with certified Android like the original Pro1. You don't have a guarantee that things like that work, that you can even use them is more an exception since it's accomplished by slightly shady stuff. I do think that if you do everything right, the chances of being to use your bank app is pretty high. But anybody saying they can guarantee it is lying I think. If that's a dealbreaker, than a device that ships with LineageOS isn't for you I think.
  9. Individual apps can be more perceptive to detecting root, sometimes even exploiting privacy invading bugs in the system. I'm by no means an expert on hiding root (I just don't use apps that complain about that), but have you done everything listed here? https://www.didgeridoohan.com/magisk/MagiskHide For example I didn't know some apps detect other apps that require root. Otherwise it might be a new detection method and you're only hope is for Magisk to be updated. But considering how the maintainer of the github doesn't want issues opened for MagiskHide problems, I'm assuming it's almos
  10. I spend like a good minute doing spot the difference on the proto pics and wondering what I was missing 😅
  11. This does raise a point, what's the bootloader like on this new one? The current one has a locked bootloader that can easily be unlocked. But you can't just lock it with LineageOS I think because it checks if the original ROM is on there or something (not sure). I am guessing that for BYOD policies they check if the bootloader is locked, or if the safetynet thing passes (which checks the bootloader among other things). This isn't possible to pass on LineageOS without rooty shenanigans, which I'm sure would be even worse for BYOD situations. The reason the Pro1 has a locked bootloader is to pas
  12. 2GB more RAM, and (possibly) twice the storage (256GB). And it's blue.
  13. So basically the same hardware, with some added storage and RAM. Biggest differentiating factor is the software. This seems like good news for LineageOS support on the original at least, I'm guessing a lot of that overlaps. But this doesn't bode good for "official" Android support, that was already subpar I think, and now that seems to be dropped even further. I do hope firmware and the like will be kept up to date for longer now. The similar hardware is also good and bad. Good in that repair support is likely to be possible for longer since the hardware is similar. But on the other hand,
  14. Short answer, no I don't know. Long answer, I use oandbackup from f-droid to create a backup of all apps, but I never tested it so I don't know if the backup actually works. There should also be a backup function in adb I think, and there's titanium backup, but I haven't really used both of those. No. Only when I went from unofficial to official, when I used adb to flash it. I'd assume it works the same with gapps by the way.
  15. That's almost my setup, and I just use the build in OTA updater. I used one of the first official builds, had magisk installed, and no gapps or microg. I used the OTA to update to a build a couple of weeks later without issues, and have since just updated weekly without issues. There were some other comments a bit earlier about methods that should have a bit more backups. So if you're worried I'd recommend to check those out. But it's probably fine, and any "brick" from using the OTA should be relatively easy to fix I'm guessing. Hoping some others would chime in though.
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