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  1. I feel that a lot of people here are setting unreasonable expectations for themselves, mostly based on speculation again. Might want to re-evaluate what you're expecting.
  2. I think they did. Just that now they're refunding the portion you paid for sales tax because you're getting extra costs for the import costs. Doesn't necessarily mean they didn't pay the sales tax or anything. Then again, I'm not sure about how US customs work, I was conflating them before. Honestly, my input here is probably not that useful. The terms of the sale were probably something along the lines of not having to pay those customs costs. And it's also just a feel-good move, after all the delays I'm sure there are some people that wouldn't absolutely hate getting extra costs like that. You could probably refuse the refund for those costs if you contact them, but I think it's a smart move to default to refunding for those costs like they did.
  3. I'll preface this by saying that I know nothing about US import costs. Why is it irrelevant that F(x)tec will refund the sales tax? How I read the situation is that you'll need to pay some sort of sales tax to get the device, then you'll ask for a refund to F(x)tec for those costs, and then F(x)tec pays you? In that situation the sales tax is still paid, so legally it's all right, and you didn't need to pay anything in the end. In the previous situation F(x)tec prepaid the sales tax, so you didn't need to pay anything. Same results?
  4. 4 weeks from today is January 2nd. 6 weeks is the 16th. So that message would mean you should have it before the 16th, nothing more.
  5. Thanks a lot for this. I think that a lot of people that were asking for more information wanted info like this. Sure, it's not necessarily as good as "your device is shipping now" or something, but it is info and like you said the bigger picture is positive. This also to me seems like a pretty realistic estimation, compared to some of the previous information we had gotten.
  6. Yes. Pretty large projects, and the most anything has ever been delayed was about 3 months. With severe discounts given to the customer and immediate notification about the issue and discussion on what best to do. I find the implication that apparently nobody here knows what they're talking about laughable. Personally, because in my experience these smaller start up projects tend to have limited runs. They make what the pre-orders want, and anybody after that will have to fight to get a product at a decent price since they're not produced as much anymore. This might not apply to F(x)tec, and they're surely saying it doesn't apply to them, but we don't know for sure. So I pre-ordered precisely because I wanted to be sure (of a unit), based on my previous experiences. I also think most people here are falling in the false dilemma fallacy by thinking that just because F(x)tec delivered some phones, it means that they're able to deliver all phones. I am not saying they're definitely not able to deliver all phones, but like you and plenty of other people have said, they're only a small start up. And small start ups have an inherent risk of going bankrupt. That coupled with the fact that this is an ambitious project, and there being issues with manufacturing makes it an option to consider. Then again, they're still processing refunds without hassle if you ask for it, which makes things look better.
  7. It took 9 workdays (11 actual days) from stock assigned (4th of November) to tracking codes (15th of November). However, last time it took 4 workdays between shipping from factory and getting stock assigned, and this time it only took 2 days. So they seem to be shifting things, making this in my opinion an unreliable method to estimate.
  8. I voted "I don't expect to receive it in this year." though I don't particularly think that has a higher chance than before Christmas. At this point, it's all up in the air and I have no idea, so I have set my expectations to sometime next year.
  9. Christmas has always been an arbitrary limit they imposed themselves, and I don't particularly care for it. Obviously I would like to have it before then, but it's not my limit. I'm personally waiting until my bank's protection are about to run out, and will be seeking a refund slightly before that. That's still a couple of months away at least.
  10. I hope more people will vote for the poll. Based on forum posts and the like, the first option at least should definitely have more votes. 1. I don't want to touch the poll anymore because I'm afraid I'd break it like how the last poll was broken. 2. I didn't want to specifically let people select if they're in the first or second batch, because who's in what is a little bit fuzzy. I thought dates would've been the most clear and discreet options. But yeah, it could've been phrased that way. Personally I don't think that's really clearer, but that might just be me. Basically yes. #1 is first batch, #2 is second batch, #3 is US first batch. Though I guess there's a possibility for somebody from the first batch to still be waiting on their phone because local shipping messed something up.
  11. Originally, it's 100% publicly available at this moment though. I just said I didn't know where it originated. That was also a hypothetical option that I don't know if it was actually the case. It's not contradictory. It's an addition. They're still processed based on payment date, but prior to that they would be ordered on voucher status. Also, them adding an additional sorting method like that doesn't actually change anything practically about that email, paying sooner would still get you your phone sooner. Note, I'm making statements here on how they ordered shipments, but that's mostly based on what they said they'd do and did. Not on what actually happened, since we don't really have that information. I'm also not expressing any opinion on whether I think this was good or bad communication or anything.
  12. Considering the other poll got borked, I made a new one since I was actually interested in that. This is just to get a gauge on how what percentage of people here got a stock assigned email. I added a distinction between what I think first batch and second batch is though, and added an option for the US first batch that got a new stock assigned email. I hope I didn't make any mistakes and exclude an option.
  13. Yup. Didn't say it was though. It was definitely mentioned somewhere, but I think it might've been a forum post by Erik or Chen. Maybe prior to that email even. Maybe it was only sent to the people with the vouchers. Not really sure where it originated, but it's definitely true.
  14. I just wanted to clarify it wasn't months after, but just days. And there were other factors that decide your position in the queue, like if you had a voucher because of the previous IGG campaign for the moto mod thing. Though I'm not saying everything went according to how they said the queue would work (neither am I saying it didn't), just clarifying.
  15. I think you're talking about anonim001, who said 10.08, which would be the tenth of August in certain notations like in the EU. They also say "paid after a few days", so October is unlikely. And considering some of the terms they use, like €, I think it's highly likely they're from the EU. So that answers that there were EU pre-orders included.
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