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  1. I bought it direct from their website (selecting the proper regions)
  2. I really wish there was more communication on these 'batch orders'. I currently use a Unihertz Titan because they can guarantee my delivery within a week of purchase, based on batch-ordering system such that they communicate exactly how much they have and turnarounds for post-product support in the US. I don't mind bi-annual batches, as I've waited far longer for $400k CNC equipment from Germany. The difference is that there is clear communication of expectations and post-product support to safeguard that investment. There's so much uncertainty with how these orders are processed such that it'
  3. I'd take the phone off your hands if the warranty is transferrable. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.
  4. *sigh* I don't understand the mentality of people who choose to use their time for wit, instead I dunno...community service? Or reading a book to better oneself. I have a Unihertz Titan to pass the time, but no doubt I will be ready to buy into the Pro 1 the moment things start settling in. We're a niche audience: This is expected.
  5. If the objective is to save on delivery costs (which is reasonable), the best idea is bulk-shipping it past the CBP, then have a local distribution center for individual last-mile delivery to customers. Typically this is where FedEx/UPS comes in as that 'local distribution', in order to get it to you the safest. FedEx/UPS freight has a much easier time making it past CBP as they're vetted well.
  6. An educated guess, based on technical reviews from Notebookcheck.net, is an average of 245 Hz. Most OLED displays have this refresh rate so I'm not worried. The exception to this are those with prescription glasses (or sun glasses) with polarizing filters. The outlier of-course was the OnePlus 7 Pro at around 120Hz.
  7. The note about the disassembly caught my attention. Are they claiming that this phone will be easy to repair? Because that's a plus.
  8. I also applied for a beta test application, but I won't be hurting for a device if I get denied. From the previous 2 comments; it does not sound very safe to replace a daily driver with a phone that's less-than stable. Especially, if work/family depends on the ability to stay connected.
  9. You would need to use the Bring Your Own Device page, accessed through your account, and just follow the steps. History: Part of Verizon's deal with the US Federal Communications Commission is that Verizon must allow LTE-capable devices to access their network, to be granted the lucrative band 13 (700MHz Block C); dubbed open-access spectrum.
  10. I wonder whether fxtec will push for VoLTe and VoWiFi, per 3GPP spec. . It's not a dealbreaker for this phone, but was a dealbreaker for Blackberry; considering their premium pricing, but subpar carrier support for a telecom-focused phone. Basically, will this phone have plans for WiFi-Calling and Voice over LTE?
  11. Browser: Kiwi Browser, 4.5, 13k, link From the KEYone and KEY2, it carries all of the keyboard shortcuts that was designed for Chrome, as it's built on Chromium Engine. It also has swipe gesture such as Swipe-left to go back, Swipe-right to go forward. It also has the ability to move the URL-bar to the bottom of the screen and control swipe-gestures for Multi-tasking.
  12. Argh, I wish I was in London between May-June.
  13. Yup. The problem with the Blackberry phones is that the functionality is heavily app-dependent such that the capacitive keyboard is hit/miss for apps. The keyboard shortcuts like Alt-E for search is also hit/miss. This is an advantage that would play to Fxtec if they're able to create a macro tool such to bind intents to whatever keyboard macro we choose. This would be a radical game changer for us.
  14. The inevitable problem with sensor-based activation is deciding the poll rate, which to detect changes and decide on threshold values toward an intent. I wish I had a Moto phone to show off here, because it would make a lot more sense when I show you the polling rate that a Moto Z2 Force polls at, versus say a Moto G5; to show you the tradeoff of accuracy vs. precision. This is a problem with sealed-in battery where we have a mAh budget; which is why you have variations in user-experience with Moto G/X line. Again, I wish I could just "show you" rather than "tell you". We can get away with
  15. I think this is a bad idea. This is because the previous Moto Z Keyboard Mod never made it past production-stage, due to the low volume count. Offering additional selection means additional inventory needs to be produced. It does sound pro-consumer to offer choice/variety, but is this worth putting the entire Pro1 at risk? The expenses also includes product support such that producing a product is not the bulk of the expense: it is the product support that is the money sink. That said, it would be nice to get a better picture of the cost, so reasonable requests can be made.
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