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  1. Apologies for bumping this thread, but I received an email from my employer today telling me that for the company to obtain CyberEssentials+ certification we must be able to demonstarte to the auditors that all mobile devices are running Android v10 or above. I need to upgrade my device to by 28/02/22. Does anyone know if F(x)Tec are ever planning to release v10 for the Pro1? I have emailed F(x)Tec support but due to their slow response time thought I'd give the community a go. Thanks.
  2. Why would you try to replace the screen yourself if it's under warranty? 😕
  3. I still have my Priv configured on the car's bluetooth but no other devices.
  4. Mine works fine with a bluetooth mouse with no issues. My car's handsfree audio is a whole different story. Whilst it seems to connect to the car's system in that it shows my contacts information, phone history and I can instigate a phone call via the car's system, when making a call, the audio doesn't consistently transfers to the car's system. The annoying thing about it is that I can't tell if it's going to work or not until I make the call. Even if the phone is connected and the audio is transferred successfully at the start of a journey, if I make a call later in the journey it may
  5. I generally have it sitting open on top of my laptop which is closed (external peripherals for laptop) and primarily interact with it via a bluetooth mouse. I don't use it much for phone calls (Skype for Business on my laptop when working) and only need to type for messaging apps.
  6. I'm all for it. Any company that is willing to develop smartphones with QWERTY keyboards gets my support (not necessarily financially). Not too sure about the name though. It's only one letter away from https://astroglide.com/products
  7. I don't have this issue with the phone applications but I do with WhatsApp calling. I believe I am on the "suspended" OTA update.
  8. I am indeed following @EskeRahn's advice and using an old charger from my HTC Touch Pro2 or my laptop. So hopefully it will last for years 😁
  9. I've had experience in fixing laptops for years and even disassembled the odd tablet or two. By far the scariest experience was replacing the battery in my Priv. Personally I don't think I'd have the confidence to disassemble my Pro1 even with the service instructions. I had hoped the battery would be easier to replace. Maybe I need to wait for the Pro2 for a user replaceable battery...
  10. Just for information, I was in email contact with the guys at MediaDevil.com. They said they were interested in developing cases and screen protectors for the Pro1. In our last email they said; "We're hoping to get the Pro1 at some point for testing and screen protector design but with a few other projects in the air at the moment it's a little tricky, and odds are good we will be contacting the manufacturer at some point"
  11. Thanks @EskeRahn. Does @Erik work in a support role? Is there a way of contacting him for confirmation?
  12. Is it via this forum, the Support button on the main website or by sending an email to [email protected]? How will I know if it has been received/acknowledged? How will I know that it is being investigated? How will I know that or when it will be fixed? Thanks.
  13. Thanks to the guys at MediaDevil, after a couple more attempts we found that their iPhone 6/7/8 Plus leather pulltab case is a far better fit for the Pro1. They ship internationally and I could not recommend their customer service enough. Also the quality and workmanship of the case is excellent. https://mediadevil.com/collections/apple-iphone-8-plus-accessories/products/artisanpouch-leather-pouch-case-apple-iphone-6-plus
  14. If anyone is interested in a well made leather pouch with a pull tab, I recently bought this one from MediaDevil in the UK. I tried a couple of different sizes. It's not perfect as the phone does protrude from the top a bit and it could do with being slightly narrower but until someone produces a custom fitted case for the Pro1 it's a bit more robust than the fabric sleave suplied by F(x)Tec. (It does have a couple of small holes at the back for what I assume is for a speaker on the back of the note 4). https://mediadevil.com/collections/all/products/artisanpouch-leather-pouch-case-sam
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