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Microphone mallfunction

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I have fxtec mobile cca one year and i have problem with microphone. Microphone does not work yeasterday. Nothing water because is summer and sometime on few minutes working but then again not working.... I tried restart and hard reset all mobile. I have everything update security patch level 5 from 5 april 2020QX1000-EEa-20200825231443-20200825-2316
Please what do you thing what is wrong or can i claim?

Moja nahrávka 2.m4a

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No.... it is ok.... My corners have everything ok. I tried pressing a and do not working... I wrote on support and sent photos for warranty now i waitnig on respond...



On 6/8/2021 at 3:22 PM, DieBruine said:

Check the corners and snap them back by pressing the screen to the back of the frame. Pretty sure that's your deal...



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In thbat case I would suggest you disassemble the screen and bend and clean the contacts on the microphone.there are just five screws and two snap-on connectors.

The alternative is sending it back for warranty and waitin a couple of months. Really, I would suggest trying to clean and re-inforce the contact pins on te mic. Take the screen apart and you will immediately recognize what I'm talking about.

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