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Time to take action - US-carrier whitelisting (Verizon and AT&T)

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16 minutes ago, EvilDNA127 said:

What kind of phone was your SIM in before?

A Blackberry Priv first, then when I managed to break my phone last December I transferred it to my old LG VS890. No issues with either transfer.

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I certainly appreciate that! I'm slowly working on the different methods in the background while we wait for the phones to enter the shipping phase. I do have one concrete option developed!

As many people know, the situation in the US for choice of carrier has recently been obliterated. -T-Mobile is affordable and so far, accepting of most devices. However, they have AWFUL coverage,

I understand your point of view, but I bet that the work it would require to persuade huge tele-companies to care about a tiny player like FxTec would far exceed any profit they could gain by addition

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On 7/29/2022 at 10:05 AM, TechLvr said:

I find this very interesting. Are your voice calls placed via VoLTE? Supposedly shut down their 3G network, but I have my doubts.

If VoLTE, what ROM are you using?

A couple of days ago I ordered an activated AT&T SIM for testing. Since the account is new, I don't expect 3G to function even if the network is still active.

Yes, VoLTE.  I've changed my phone's preferred network to LTE only, maybe like a year ago after AT&T kept sending out messages saying 3g was going away and my phone wouldn't work.  Check earlier posts in this thread for more details / screenshots.

By ROM, I assume you mean am I running Lineage or Android...etc?  It's the stock Android 9.

I previously used this SIM on an ATT branded BB Priv that was bought new off ebay from an att reseller.  My point being I didn't buy it in store / tell them this si the phone I have and to change the associated service on the SIM.  Just before I started to use it in Pro1 I realized I wasn't getting 4g and called ATT and they added 4g service to it.

I really think part of the reason I'm still functional here is because I had the SIM provisioned for 4g and I've shut down hopping to 3g on the phone settings.  Of course some day I might be dead.

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