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  1. What happens if you flip it around?
  2. Certainly not a concern, I have had been in great communication with them, as I am waiting on a replacement part, they responded with in 2 business days, sometimes a 3rd, pending on the timing with other production related things happening. I have been very happy with their communication and responses.
  3. On ATT in the US the call quality is great
  4. Hey all, they have been slow, but understandable, I have to say they have been great and informative in my experience. I know it is a lot to ask but patience while they are handling a ton of requests.
  5. mv

    A few odd issues

    Sadly at the moment I can't get it to be seen by my laptop and booting into fastboot doesn't work cause there is not enough of a charge. It is odd cause the device recongizes the USB as least indicated by the red LED turning on, but the lack of a charge is the deeper concern. The battery dead and wont boot anymore. i left it charging for a number of hours today and to not avail. I fear too a disconnect of some sort from the short fall. We'll see what the repair options are when they follow up.
  6. mv

    A few odd issues

    thanks yeah I emailed them, and mentioned it here to see if by chance there was any other suggestions. I reset the device still no luck, really hope it is an easy fix.
  7. mv

    A few odd issues

    Hey all, loving the device no doubt it is great. I am writing cause of a few odd little bugs i guess, but not really clear what is going on I am using Android that it came with and for the last few days been just relearning (been using SailfishOS for years) and I have run into a hiccup or two. Last night the device fell out of my pocket, no noticable issues at it fell and landed on a set of cables on the floor. The first immediate thing I noticed is that the lockscreen is in landscape mode and the backlight on the keyboard stopped lighting up. But other than that no other issue. Then I tried connecting it to charge and the red LED comes on and all things indicate charging but alas it does not charge, so I am a little perplexed on what the issue is. Anyone else run into this?
  8. Been a day on Android after years on SailfishOS, I am deeply missing SailfishOS, I am going to be patient and not really in the position to test, however, when Jolla supports it with android (damn you whatsapp and signal) then I will jump back! Looking forward to it... let's us know what support, moral or otherwise is needed!
  9. My fingers have forgotten how to use a phone keyboard, currently in a re-education program at the moment 🙂
  10. in the tough spot, really want to use the device, but really want sailfish on it... might have to switch to android for a bit.
  11. This is basically the same boat as me... though different city... Fedex seems to not update their records
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