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Pro1 + USB PD GaN charger

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So I replaced my older charging brick in the charging corner with a new one supporting USB-C PD at up to 65W split to 4 ports (2 USB-C, 2 USB-A). This one to be precise.

Now I'm wondering, if anyone else here has one of these newer GaN3-tech chargers and if they have the same issues. I mean that thing charges my laptop, Steam Deck, Switch, Moto G phones without problems. But when I plug in the Pro1 as the only device they agree on the lowest possible charging rate possible - draining the battery further instead of charging (and that's not even the Lineage charging bug - this also happens right after booting).

If I add another device to a second port, the Pro1 switches to fast charging.

I tried the app Ampere and it showed either something around 2500mA for fast charging and 600mA for slow charging but I'm not sure if I used that one correctly.

So first of all I just wanted to ask around if anyone has seen the same behaviour.

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Pro1 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is not compatible with USB PD. Support for USB PD came with QC 4.0. Snapdragon 835 can support QC 4.0 but for Pro1 only QC 3.0 was activated.

Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4.0

For that reason Pro1 cannot utilize the full potential of your USB PD 65W charger.

Here are the specs of your charger ports:

- Type C1/Type C2 Output: 5 V/9 V/12 V/15 V/ 3A; 20 V/ 3.25 A
- USB1 output: 5 V / 1.0 A
- USB2 output: 5 V/9 V/12 V/20 V, 3 A

Theoretically QC 3.0 can support 12V/3A=36W mode but I am not sure if Pro1 can "talk" with USB PD charger correctly. The incompatibility can cause those weird results.

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21 minutes ago, FlyingAntero said:

Pro1 supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which is not compatible with USB PD

Well, the OP wonders why, obviously, the PSU and the Pro1 cannot agree on any charging protocol, which is strange indeed. Depending on the power source, my Pro1 seems to distinguish between three different charging modes: "charging slowly", "charging", and "charging rapidly". The last is probably chosen only if the PSU explicitly supports Qualcomm QC.

Electrically, one of the lower two modes should always be possible. I've been charging my Pro1 with solar panels ... 😎

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I have one small GaN charger that came with my Laptop (Star Labs, another UK company), it powers the laptop and quick-charges the phone simultaneously with ~12W for the phone (except for the those reboots which have become necessary with some LineageOS versions on the Pro1, while at least my copy of the Pro1 X is not yet misbehaving in that regard). I don't frequently use it, though, as I prefer slow charging for prolonging battery health...

I also have a less recent non-GaN charger (UGREEN) which, even though I think it should be powerful enough, always only powers one of the two devices at the same time. As soon as one is fully charged, the other one starts charging...

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Okay, so what I can gather from your replies so far is that the GaN chargers in the wild do at least act differently on the Pro1. So it's not just one board manufacturer supplying all these different brands (despite lots of chargers looking very alike).

Gotta charge my Pro1 in tandem with something else for now since even a reboot while plugged in as the only device doesn't help. Haven't tested offline charging yet though.

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