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  1. @EskeRahn @Hook Agree with you both. It is a quid pro quo, and we also do encourage flashing different OS's, and beta firmwares from us should not void warranty. I've gone ahead and updated the Disclaimer. Please spread the word 🙂
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  2. Great news, thanks. I will try to find time applying the beta this weekend. 😁
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  3. I might understand a clause like this with "alpha-releases", but the point of "beta" in general (as I Understand it) is to reach a wider group that is ready to accept even severe functional flaws, or even to return the device if bricked, but yet the company still honouring warranty, as the risk of a broken device is expected to be very small, and thus the company takes that risk, to gain the feedback from the users. That a beta test is often limited in numbers is obviously to reduce the risk for the company if many fails seriously. I'm a little sad that FxTec don't use beta in this way. A
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  4. ya improving mobile connectivity is probably a higher need than troubleshooting a single brand's nfc non-reading.
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  5. I own both an original Pro1 and a Pro1-X, so I'm in the lucky position to be able to compare the two devices side-by-side. Part of your criticism (which I partly share) applies to both phones, but some things are also regressions introduced with the Pro1-X only. I agree. In three years, I never dared trying to learn to open the Pro1 single-handedly, out of fear it would jump out of my hand in the process. I could never have afforded an N950 (😉) but even my N900's simple sliding keyboard mechanism was more practical from my point of view. I fully agree that this is a really anno
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  6. @arkenoi Unfortunately, much your negative review is unterstandable. That said, many people used to be and still are absolutely happy with the very similar predecessor device, and so would I, if I wouldn't have abused it too much and, in trying to repair, while repairing the issue that needed repair, damaged it further in other parts, so I moved over to the Pro1X which does have its faults. But there is still hope the happiness will yet come with firmware updates. Other parts of your review seem to be just bad luck, as in case of a cracked screen without cause, this hasn't been
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  7. That's a fair comment. We do test these firmware internally first before we share them to our beta group. The current v2.1.6 beta firmware has been widely testing already amongst our community developers and it is stable. Our intention is not to 'deliberately' brick customers' devices. But I understand that most people are reluctant to join based on that clause.
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  8. We have another thread on it not working with yubikey, but the reader is close to the camera.
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  9. You're misrepresenting what @EskeRahn did, reading it backwards. What he did was trying to objectively judge their character from thorough observation and actual evidence collected over four years, of which he also presented some, which you choose to brush aside without so much as a syllable. You're perfectly entitled to apply a different reasoning and come to a different conclusion, but to be taken serious in an actual discussion you would need to take notice of his arguments and his evidence and counter them, not just reject his conclusion (which I think is well-founded) simply by saying "I
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  10. Hey F(x)tec community! We thought it would be a great idea to invite Pro1-X owners to come join our beta testing scheme! We know our stock Operating System still needs optimising and requires further development, we believe with the help from our community members, it could speed up the progress of finding and fixing bugs/issues to provide you with a better user experience. Therefore, we created a Telegram group dedicated for users who are interested in testing new Android builds. Anyone with a Pro1-X will be eligible to participate in this programme. However, before you go ahea
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  11. Another batch? That is really nice to see, while I am waiting since May 2020 on my phone, I ordered via web site.
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