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  1. Yes, thanks! Just joined. Good question 😄 Exactly the same here. Maybe Pro1 vs. Pro1X makes a difference? But I suppose now were getting into esoteric territory 😉 Yes, that's exactly what I was noticing before I re-initialized the phone with the Pro1X backup. Since then, app updates through WiFi are completely smooth. There's just one thing that keeps bugging me, and at first I thought connectivity was the problem again, as I didn't receive e-mail or Whatsapp/Signal messages on time, sometimes they got delayed by hours. Eventually I found that the reason
  2. This is strange – after a factory reset and a fresh new setup, this time choosing to migrate everything from the Pro1X, the WiFi issues on the Slim seem to have completely disappeared, even with Bluetooth active! @raymo That 'ruuno' keyboard you mention sounds interesting; is it available for stock Android, too, and where would I find it? (I'll stay with stock for starters, as to not break things like the identity token app for the home office connection to my employer.)
  3. @Hook @jakfish Thanks for your comments! Just for the record, my build is Titan_Slim_EEA_20220810 and the updater says it's up to date. From my short foray into some forums like 'crackberry' I know there are two variants, an "EEA" and a "non EEA" variant, depending on the device. Perhaps the "EEA" is what we get here in Europe? (@EskeRahn?) @Hook, I've checked and my WiFi mesh is limited to (WPA and) WPA2, anyway. It also seems that Unihertz already has internal firmware updates (which they have given out to some that have contacted them) for an issue that may or may not be r
  4. The Slim arrived today. That was fast! Unfortunately it seems I have similar WiFi issues as @EskeRahn. Every couple of seconds, the WiFi connection breaks down. After switching WiFi off and on again it works again for another minute or two. Other than for the Pro1X' mobile data issues, I see no workaround whatsoever for a WiFi connection that is not stable... Looks like the 2.4 GHz isn't quite as problematic as 5 GHz, though, and I've read (maybe I should've read more before I ordered it...) that disabling Bluetooth would help, too. I'm testing a few other things like disabling "WiFi sca
  5. It seems like many Titan power users install the Blackberry Keyboard app Perhaps something could be made based on FinQwerty, at least for stock? Using the FinQwerty code to fix a keyboard layout issue the Pro1X (with stock) had was easy, so I guess I will have a look at that when I get the phone. There already are FinQwerty layouts for Blackberry PRIV and KEYone, by the way.
  6. Wouldn't https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/ be what you're looking for? That's Android's Linux kernel, which is free and open source like Android itself, just the device (Pro1X) specific parts from the hardware vendor are not.
  7. I don't need to believe in Fxtec, I just want their landscape oriented slider phone 😉 – while one problem is that for me it only works when I also carry a mobile LTE router, and the other that I have to accept that I'm too clumsy to keep such a delicate device in one piece for a sensibly long time of daily use. So, no, I don't regret it; I think it will be fun to try out the Titan Slim. Also I got it for a mere 269.99 € from the manufacturer's German ebay store...
  8. Of course that message needed to come into my inbox right after I just ordered a Unihertz Titan Slim.
  9. Thanks for all the Titan Pocket infos. I've just decided to give either that a try, or the Titan Slim, before I damage my last fully-functional (well, as much as it ever was functional) Fxtec phone (Pro1X) to the point that it may become unrepairable due to the absence of spare parts, and I'm hesitant to use my last spare display just yet. (As of now, the screen only holds together thanks to scotch tape. I'm surprised that touch is still working perfectly...)
  10. Excellent. I'll definitely keep this in mind, as a screen replacement (splintered glass, still holds together though) will be due for my current Pro1X sooner or later as well.
  11. See this thread – the phone has some serious data and voice connectivity problems, mostly depending on which bands, most prominently LTE bands, your carrier uses: Depending on that, there might be settings/workarounds or not. Unfortunately there is no general rule as to what works where. (For me, in Germany, no workarounds worked properly, so I bought a small mobile LTE router and got a second SIM, with both data and voice now going through that. The phone SIM's provider needs to offer voice over wifi aka wifi calling, though, for voice to work...)
  12. @zundappchef While I'm not a lawyer and cannot comment on the legal particulars you state, I think your post is as concise an assessment of the current situation as possible. I don't even feel inclined to add anything. Except maybe that Fxtec might be taking the chance to wait and see if any buyers or backers will take legal action at all. Given the limited number of devices sold, that might even be a reasonable bet. Regarding Indiegogo, I don't expect them to be in danger of facing any legal consequences; I think there have been too many much graver incidents there over time without any
  13. Ok, but it is still nonsense. Indiegogo knows just as well as anyone else that when an entrepreneur fails to get the product out in a late stage of their project, there's a strong chance they'll also be broke and *cannot* refund. The problem here is, specifically when compared to, say, Kickstarter, that Indiegogo officially publishes such rules for entrepreneurs and boasts safety and security for backers, while on one hand not enforcing those rules, even where they're enforceable, and on the other hand not being explicit towards backers that there's a real chance they'll lose every cent t
  14. The word "should" makes the statement completely meaningless.
  15. I have received the device I ordered and payed for in 2020 through IGG. I have not yet received the device I ordered and payed for in 2019 through the website (a Pro1 that was later changed to Pro1X). With their latest statement from June being that their devices are back in the factory, there's still some hope that our devices still exist and may find their way to us at some point. It is also clear that Fxtec has been out of funds for a long time now when it comes to the Pro1X business, and that they have to cross-fund all that still is to happen there from other business lines. To
  16. What the... I didn't even notice that yet, thanks for the report! That sheds a completely different light on the earlier shipping issues. If Expansys was in a similarly bad state of funds as Fxtec, which will have been the case, we must consider all the more that the delays and the outflow of devices via Expansys might not have been, and in any case not solely, Fxtec's fault.
  17. @dreamflasher That, printed on a slip of paper in bold red type, should be (have been) packaged with every new device... 😉
  18. Happened to me, too, with one of the Pro1's volume buttons and the camera button. Also, I managed to tear the fingerprint reader's connector apart, even though I *had* read warnings about both issues. Maybe I would have been more careful if the Pro1's disassembly wouldn't have been shown to look like a piece of cake right from the start... And some parts being prone to break in disassembly are one thing; it wouldn't be as bad as it is if there was an ample supply of spare parts...
  19. Ok... The one positive thing I take from the video is around 26'00", where Adrian talks about the F(x)tec brand (as opposed to whatever brands they'll be marketing all that "Web 3" stuff under) , saying "the brand is very close to our hearts, we love the naming and we're looking forward to future products that come out within the F(x)tec space", and, as @EskeRahn already quoted, "we're also working on other products [beside the Web 3 stuff] that I can't say too much about at the moment but they're also very exciting, they're keyboard related, they'll use the F(x)tec brand or something else", w
  20. I find it remarkable how well Fairphone (Netherlands) is doing, though, with their manufacturing also being in China, plus them seemingly even taking care to secure proper salaries and working conditions in that Chinese factory. Perhaps Fxtec could learn a bit from them. (I'd even pay more for a "fair" Pro1/Pro1X than the original ones did cost, by the way, even if it would still just have mid-range specs, just like many people are willing to pay significantly more for a Fairphone than they'd have to pay for a regular phone of similar specs.)
  21. Yes, me 😉 – they still hope to ship it (order changed to Pro1X), though, and in the meantime I did receive the Pro1X I ordered a year later...
  22. Except that yours (which I recently bought, too) doesn't cover the curved edges of the screen (so I returned it), whereas his seems to do so.
  23. I've been away from even just halfway serious gaming for a long time, but while you do have a point there, I would expect a performance hit only for the more demanding games? And even then, people might still want to trade some rendering features for higher resolution. After all, at least for younger people than me, 1280x800 may come across as rather low-res even on a 7" screen... Provided that they actually get a screen, and a working one to boot, that is...
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