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  1. Just for the record, switching preferred networks to LTE/TDSCDMA/CDMA/EvDo/GSM/WCDMA (from NR/LTE/TDSCDMA/CDMA/EvDo/GSM/WCDMA) did not make anything better for me. LTE is usable, even if only just, with the LTE discovery app in No-LTE cycle mode, and frequently drops for longer periods without. Nice to hear that it helps others!
  2. I guess that indeed would seem to matter; in the EU, for all I know, banks do not insure you against unfulfilled purchases, and they do not revoke money transfers, save for the exceptional case that the money was not transferred by the buyer but withdrawn by the seller through an expressly given direct debit mandate. (Even then, there's a limited objection period, which in Germany is eight weeks.) If someone has a claim, they have to take legal action against the person who owes them something...
  3. Yes, I did, that went comparatively quick for a change. (Unfortunately, in the process of successfully replacing the USB part, I broke a few other things which arent's as easily replaceable...)
  4. Yes, I did, primarily for the Pro1X I had also ordered back then. Thanks, good to know.
  5. While I still don't see any evidence that Fxtec would have done so—not even the anonymous text message author provides something like that—IGG has indeed been abused before for something similar to a pyramid scheme, and I think their terms and conditions make it easier than, say, Kickstarter. Those of us who are a bit into photography might know the brand name 'Meyer Optik Görlitz', the name of a traditional German lens manufacturer whose origins are in the late 19th century. While they were quite productive under different names and in different cooperations in East Germany's GDR era, th
  6. I´ve finally taken a look at the FinQwerty code and made a test build (attached) for myself that fixes... issue #22 – there was no colon in the U.S. for physical US QWERTY layout, a semicolon was produced instead and implements... issue #23 – adds U.S. intl. with dead keys for physical US QWERTY and U.S. intl. with Fn dead keys for physical US QWERTY layouts which, unlike the Pro1 layouts on the Pro1 X, have correctly assigned L / ; and ? / : keys. I've asked Anssi Hannula if he's interested in my changes. Until something happens there, I'm offering my test build attached t
  7. Ok, this business is definitely more complicated than I thought! 😄
  8. Yeah, I aleady found it hard to read the id card with the Pro1, but it was even more tricky with the Pro1X. After visually locating the sensor in the card and having an approximate idea about the position of the phone's chip, it worked out. Given how precisely they need to be aligned, I should be able to determine the chip's position in the phone pretty well, too.
  9. This is how it should work, blue shows the position of the chip. The right edge of the portrait image should roughly align with the left edge of the phone (perhaps a bit difficult to judge from the image due to the shooting angle...).
  10. Ok, 1.4 is abysmal...! The German "Ausweisapp2" at least has a 2.9... Good news, by the way, regarding the Pro1X: I actually managed to read the ID card now! I'll post how to hold it in a separate thread.
  11. @Acurus Wherever those devices come from, just like the last batch offered on that site, it says "product that has not been used", but "has been opened" and "phones [...] are energized to check their operation". Of course I have not the faintest idea which exact path the phones may have taken, but that statement makes it clear that the sources, whoever they are, cannot and do not guarantee that the devices even work, so they can hardly be coming from Fxtec or on any path authorized by Fxtec. If I had to speculate, @EskeRahn's "somehow appropriated before they reached the intended recipien
  12. I agree, but then again, some important applications seem to be affected; I'll try again at some point, but until now I haven't been able to use my NFC-chipped German identity card to authoritatively identify myself on the internet, something which, although not yet as widespread as could be wished, is the most convenient of authoritative identification methods available so far, with cumbersome video chat identification services or physically going to a post office with your identity card or passport being the alternatives... (Such an authoritative identification is, for example, required to b
  13. @arkenoi Unfortunately, much your negative review is unterstandable. That said, many people used to be and still are absolutely happy with the very similar predecessor device, and so would I, if I wouldn't have abused it too much and, in trying to repair, while repairing the issue that needed repair, damaged it further in other parts, so I moved over to the Pro1X which does have its faults. But there is still hope the happiness will yet come with firmware updates. Other parts of your review seem to be just bad luck, as in case of a cracked screen without cause, this hasn't been
  14. Indeed, that's what I found, too. Apart from that, though, my second Pro1X seems to be better than the first one.
  15. I admit I'm not completely free from a tendency to overreact on the internet, either... Yes, it usually works pretty well. Except earlier this week when I needed to call an electricity provider, and, after some ten minutes or so of a somehow weak but stable connection, navigating through several tiers of their customer support system, it suddenly broke off just when I had started to actually discuss my issue with someone in charge. But I blame this on a weak signal at the place where I had been, and there are signs that Vodafone has some major problems since a few days around here.
  16. "My phone works sometimes, all I have to do is install this app that fixes an inherent flaw in the OS and carry a black box with me everywhere I go." Yes, that's what I said (except it was an 'or', not an 'and', but never mind), and I didn't want to say anything other than that, either. Why do you repeat it? It's also what I explicitly mentioned when I offered my first Pro1X on ebay, plus the fact that this is in Germany and even there only with either Vodafone or T-Mobile as carrier. It is not my intention to make this device look better than it is. I'm just offering the
  17. Also, it might have not been possible with Indiegogo, as loose as their regulations obviously are (eg. in comparison to Kickstarter)...
  18. You're just repeating yourself, and you're wrong, and you're not listening. I could just as well have talked to a parking meter, that might have been a more fruitful exchange, so I'm stopping here. Just these last words – the reason for my partaking here is based on the wish to see the situation for the Pro1X owners and prospective owners improved, not to distribute blame the distribution of which helps no one, and as of now, there's still a small chance things actually will improve. It's only over when it's over, and if that day should finally come, everyone can distribute blame as they wish.
  19. You're misrepresenting what @EskeRahn did, reading it backwards. What he did was trying to objectively judge their character from thorough observation and actual evidence collected over four years, of which he also presented some, which you choose to brush aside without so much as a syllable. You're perfectly entitled to apply a different reasoning and come to a different conclusion, but to be taken serious in an actual discussion you would need to take notice of his arguments and his evidence and counter them, not just reject his conclusion (which I think is well-founded) simply by saying "I
  20. Absolutely; the article just shows that even if everything else, like in manufacturing, goes as planned, and the manufacturer does not suffer from things like liquidity problems due to earlier obstacles, a simple delivery can take 2½ months.
  21. That actually sounds good. After I replaced my old Pro1's USB board myself a couple of months ago with, I broke the fingerprint sensor and at least one of the buttons and probably disconnected something that communicates the slider position to determine screen orientation, so "FIngerprint sensor/back cover" seems to be exactly what I would need to get it fully working again, which I feared wouldn't be possible anymore. Would you recommend I'd send the device to have it repaired? (After the last experience I wouldn't want try again myself...)
  22. That was a terrible comment because it included the quoted sentence. I don't understand. What I do understand perfectly is that there are deal-breaking issues for many if not most buyers, but, for a fact, me, I'm using a Pro1 X for half a year now as the only smartphone I carry and I have everything more or less functional, so there *are* such regions and carriers, and that's why there *are* people who buy those used phones, pay good money, and leave good ratings, too. That's what my comment was about. For some time to come, there will be demand for the Pro1 X even if it doesn't work
  23. The risk is there. Still it remains to be seen. Depending on region and carrier, the Pro1 X is usable, and being the unique item that it is, it will remain desirable for a lot of people for a substantial time to come. Many want it for the keyboard alone and couldn't care less for the processor which also will be good enough in normal use for a long time to come. So in case you do get it, you will at least be able to cut your losses. Which might not be what one would wish for, but still a lot more than many other IGG projects turned out to be. Also, it is a complete wonder that F(x)tec ev
  24. Sorry having to say so, but no. That's exactly what IGG is about and has been about right from the start. You're not guaranteed to get anything, neither a product nor a refund, no matter how huge a sum you paid and no matter what you might have had reason to believe. Hoping to eventually get your phone and then resell it (if you really don't want to make an attempt to use it) is probably still your best bet. I just sold the Pro1X I ordered in 2020, received in 2022, used for half a year as my daily driver and then replaced with another one with a different keyboard, for hardly less than I
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