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  1. Is it just my browser, or has the forum become public again? For some reason, my default browser had lost all its cookies, which logged me out of all websites, but https://community.fxtec.com right now showed me the complete original start page with all the latest "topics" before I logged in again.
  2. Just for the record, their linxdot forums have also turned private, with no option to join. There seems to be a Discord channel, though, which can be entered.
  3. Oh, I missed the question...! There is a fairly easy way to statically add kcm files with the need to build and install a new apk after adding – not dynamically, though. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3848-pro1-x-us-and-us-intl-with-dead-keys-keyboard-layouts-finqwerty/?tab=comments#comment-65908 I cloned FinQwerty, I think I modified pro1x_qwerty_usa_1.kcm because it had a bug, then I created a new kcm file pro1x_qwerty_usaintl_1.kcm (to use myself), added entries for the latter in generate_layouts.py and in the finqwerty_layouts.xml and built a new apk (using IntelliJ IDEA
  4. From what I remember, I think it isn't, because there are Android limitations that forbid it.
  5. I thought I should add here what I already mentioned somewhere else; those NetDot magnetic connectors/connector cables didn't prevent my Pro1's USB socket from failing. (Happened some time ago, even before I got my Pro1X; I replaced it successfully with a spare USB board from Fxtec, but I broke other things in the progress, like fingerprint reader, one of the volume buttons and the orientation sensor/switch.) My suspicion is that any cable or adapter that doesn't sit tightly and still has some play when inserted will, at some point, break the socket. As most of my other USB C devices nev
  6. I don't really know, but I would assume that normal orders are included in that 3/4. Just for the record, my outstanding device is a website order, but for quite some time now I'm getting their Indiegogo updates by e-mail. (I used to get them earlier for a second – IGG – order, but initially they stopped coming after that phone was actually delivered.)
  7. Is there still nothing comparable to FinQwerty that would work on LineageOS? I dimly remember that while my keyboard demands were mostly satisfied on my QWERTY Pro1 with LOS 18, there were a few apps (most notably Opera, my preferred browser) which never showed the accented character selector box at all; long key presses triggered character repetition instead. On my QWERTY Pro1 X, I had been staying with stock Android, plus a modified version of FinQwerty that gave me everything I needed. I don't quite remember where exactly the problems were located with LineageOS and FinQwert
  8. Maybe... it was a special area even when Moto Mod has appeared and still there is demand but very small compared to the phone market. However, there are tablets which may also have lower demand today, but current hype of foldable phones also contain a not always portrait use scenario. In my first few days with the Honor Magic V2 foldable I've got a hint of an impression that this new phone type may have become a new incentive for app developers to care more for non-portrait orientation use of their apps, even if it's just square-ish, which could, best case, also help landscape or
  9. I agree to much of what you say, it's a mostly correct summary of what has happened. In terms of obstacles, the pandemic and the following major supply chain breakdown could have been added. But when it comes to the morals of the company - sorry, there is no morality in a market economy. Of course I would like to get either the overdue phone or my money back. As it is, It is a miracle that they still exist, even if what still exists is very little. The alternative in the shape of a more ethical behaviour towards individual customers, the alternative to the status quo, meaning a few d
  10. In principle, that would have been a good idea, but then again they never were shipped, as far as I can see... At least I never got the spare battery I ordered with the Pro1X I backed on Indiegogo.
  11. Yes, I agree. The fact that their communication was inadequate and erratic even in the best phases runs through the company's history. All we know is that sometimes someone will still answer questions directed to their support (which must clearly be read as noncommital even if they seem to promise something to happen "in one or two weeks" or something like that).
  12. Of course it could be subterfuge, and such an assumption is perfectly understandable after all that's happened. But it could also be true. They don't have personnel in China available 24x7 for them to handle their shipments. I suppose the real fees for them are per batch shipped. So, with their financial capacity seemingly reduced to near zero, they need to ultimately reduce the number of batches in which they get shipped, and they also need to reduce number of undeliverable returns, as any such return will generate more costs. Still, personally, I haven't seen any official calls to "conf
  13. Of course much of the forum's content is not exactly helping the company's reputation, and with a public forum that content must have been showing up in all kinds of search engine results. TBH, I had been expecting them to do something about that rather sooner than only now. Maybe some inconvenient questions turned up in the context of their recent/current connection to that new "Clicks for iPhone" device (https://community.fxtec.com/topic/4062-self-built-slider/?tab=comments#comment-68348), and that drove them to take some action?
  14. I suppose I like the idea of that e-ink phone but after my experience with the Titan Slim I know that as much as I'd like a compact device I need a larger screen and a larger keyboard (if there is one). I might get comfortable with an e-ink display, though. In the meantime, I got my Honor stylus for the V2 today, ordered in China since they don't sell it in Europe. Nice. The combo even has pressure sensitivity, and the phone's notes app has a stylus mode. I don't think, though, that even if there was handwriting recognition software for the phone it would be able to get anything out of m
  15. Interesting indeed. There are quite a few companies at that address according to https://www.192.com/places/wc/wc2a-3/wc2a-3th/. They don't list F(x)tec, though, whatever that means.
  16. Yeah, I fear Hacker's keyboard is more or less abandoned, but it still works... I'll have a look at Unexpected keyboard, looks interesting. I thought by choosing "purple" I had bought the purple glass version of the phone, which I wanted because I didn't like the faux leather looks of the black one. Turned out I didn't get purple glass but purple PU – which is even better, as it doesn't add thickness or weight like the glass one does. It's a silky smooth surface not at all prone to attract dirt. That said, knowing my luck in handling expensive handsets, I'm using the phone with the includ
  17. For what it's worth, the manufacturer says the display is good for 400,000 folding actions... First impressions of the Magiv V2 are good. It even replaces the Android tablet I used for some time before it broke. The one feature that makes it an alternative for a slider keyboard phone is that the on-screen keyboard still leaves more than enough screen real estate for whatever app I'm using. I'm trying "Hacker's Keyboard" again right now which used to be what I used when I didn't have a physical keyboard, and while it is quite old-fashioned and restricted in its features compare
  18. For what it's worth, on asking whether I might still get my phone, I was told they were currently confirming users' addresses in order to resume further shipping... And there was a hint towards more updates appearing on IGG at some point.
  19. Maybe it also was a thing between the specific connectors I've been using (and am still using on a lot of other devices) and the Pro1/Pro1X. Other than most other devices, like, for example, the Titan Slim phone, the connector used to have some play when inserted into the socket. With my next phone (ordered the Magic V2 from the manufacturer's shop yesterday when I saw they have a 300 € discount right now) or when I get one of the Fxtec phones back to use, I'll try to make sure to use a connector that fits tightly...
  20. Yes, I know – I've been using them on all kinds of devices for quite some time now, starting with the Pro1, but at least the type I used didn't prevent the Pro1 socket from breaking...
  21. I'd be in, if it'd actually give us a good chance to get us a working device. I've got similar reservations as @EskeRahn and @SchattengestaIt, though. And I fear that, even if there was a real chance for success, as of March 2023 there won't be enough people left (who'd still give a feck) to raise enough funds.
  22. Time flies... And here's the bottom line after five months of using the Slim as my daily driver. At this point, both my existing Pro1 and Pro1X are shelved; the Pro1 because of defective buttons and fingerprint reader [comparably minor issues] and a defective orientation switch [major issue], the Pro1X because of a broken screen that I didn't yet venture to replace with the one Aliexpress spare I still have, plus the ubiquitous connectivity issues that forced me to carry a mobile wifi router wherever I went just to be able to use it at all. One Pro1X, dating back to my Sept 2019 Pro1 orde
  23. I wish I hadn't read that. (That said, it's of course not much more expensive than two Pro1/Pro1X phones were, either, let alone if you paid for three and only got two [so far]...) How does typing work? (Unfolded, I take it the lower half cannot sprout a physical keyboard, can it?)
  24. Good idea to save the content here someplace else. While the XDA page seems a good place for continuing this. Still, I'm undecided; as long as we post here, there's still a remote chance someone closer to the company will be reading it at some point...
  25. Is that the correct code? I tried it on my current daily driver (Titan Slim) and it did nothing at all, while VoLTE is actually enabled and working for both SIMs in the settings...?
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