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  1. I haven't tried AICP yet because LOS 18.1 has been working nicely, including OTA updates wich leave both GApps and Magisk intact. Also, according to the settings page, my phone is encrypyted, too.
  2. @dreamflasher Sad to hear it didn't work out. What ROM have you been running? I used the Chargie app on (unrooted) LOS 16.1 for quite some time with no major problems. That said, I've been running AccA, too, since I've moved to (rooted) LOS 18.1 without any problems, either. I wonder whether your having had problems with both might somehow point to the same root cause?
  3. I agree that Fxtec's keyboard design is better for most purposes, even though some people complain about it being too wide for comfortable thumb typing. I cannot confirm this; I have rather small hands and I got used to its dimensions very quickly. That Pinephone slider keyboard prototype looks a lot like what the Fxtec people (then named Livermorium) tried to do for the Moto Z series of Motorola phones with their Keyboard Mod!
  4. Did you or Fxtec do the repair? If you did the repair, was it Fxtec's replacement kit or the naked display from another, probably Chinese source? Anyway, I fear that sounds like either the replacement screen is somehow defective, or maybe something went wrong during the replacement, like a connector not properly connected or maybe even a wire damaged...
  5. For what it's worth, there's a new version of the hardware device out (or, rather, available for preorder), the Chargie C, a Power Delivery (PD) compatible, USB C charge limiter for phones which also limits the PD charging power to 8W. As our device doesn't use PD but rather Qualcomm's Quick Charge, I don't suppose the charging power limit will work for us; otherwise the device might have made sense even if we're rooted (as I have been for a while with my Pro1, too, so no need to charge my Pro1 through the Chargie anymore). The description on the website is far too long and there's no con
  6. Isn't that being realistic ? Hmm... Perhaps 'realistic' could be redefined to mean something similar πŸ˜‰ but I wouldn't have labeled 'always expecting the worst' as 'realistic' until now.
  7. πŸ˜„ I never understand why the 'pessimist' has such a bad name, by the way! In my book, being a pessimist is the best basis for a happy, even-tempered life. If you always expect the worst, more often than not you'll come out lightened, pleased and happy because things didn't work out as bad as they might have, and even if they turn out really bad you're prepared, not negatively surprised, devastated...
  8. I surely agree. That said, at least after Fxtec eventually decided to turn to Indiegogo again* for funding the Pro1X, a real danger of maybe never seeing either one's device or one's money again has always been the elephant in the room. Which still is no excuse for their bad (or complete lack of) communication, of course. _____ * after the founders (as a company named Livermorium Ltd. back then) had been using Indiegogo already to fund the Moto Z Keyboard Mod, which failed to reach general availability due to no fault of their own, with everyone being offered a refund, and
  9. Things already used to seem bad enough when Erik was still responding and setting things in motion for people who had come here with their problems. It did already give the impression of support being virtually nonexistent, except for the few people who find this forum and then try to catch attention here. I suppose even an Erik will be on holiday for some time. My own experience communicating with Fxtec has been something like fifty/fifty, with one thread in which I received sensible responses, although not quite the result I would have liked (which would have been the fulfilment o
  10. The Middle Rhine (near a town named Oberwesel). They make nice wines there... I'm still happy with the Pro1's camera, by the way! @EskeRahn I just wonder whether we might have the size restrictions for images loosened here in the forum?
  11. Yes, I already saw this on LOS 16.1 (never used stock), thought it was the hardware, and decided to just live with it... Also, if I have observed everything correctly, when in this state, after using the on/off button and swiping up to get the num pad (I have a numerical code configured as well), sometimes fingerprints work to unlock the device then, sometimes not.
  12. As usual, the OTA update installed smoothly here, too (with previously sideloaded MindTheGApps and Magisk installations unharmed)...
  13. Yes, they did... looks good for now! For the sake of completeness: πŸ˜‰
  14. I don't use Alt-Tab much (yet, that is – maybe I should start to), but I guess I would be fine with using left-AltGr + Tab, too (left thumb + left index finger). I confess I still find the plethora of modifier keys on the Pro1 keyboard more confusing than helpful πŸ˜‰
  15. I confess I never tried French accents via dead keys, but you're right, some dead keys seem to be there, at least [`], [^] and [~]. Other than in LOS 16.1, though, ['] and ["] don't work as dead keys for umlauts in 18.1, as I think it would be standard in US international keyboard layouts with dead keys.
  16. I think @tliebeck's question (which is also the thread title) is quite easily answered: because we need at least two keys which standard keyboards usually have on a sixth row above our five rows, Esc and Del, and unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a standard for five-row keyboards which include those two keys. Plus, there's at least one special key for Android which has no analogy on PC keyboards. That said, Fxtec could perhaps have found some existing keyboard on one of the many existing laptops/notebooks/netbooks than would have made a better model for our keyboard than what we have
  17. From my experience with LOS (16.1 and 18.1, never used stock) I can say that the excessive call volume is related to VoLTE being enabled and active on both sides. While someone else (on another network) reported he had to completely disable 4G, for me, disabling VoLTE ("4G Calling" in the "Mobile network" settings) was enough to get rid of the issue.
  18. Hmm... My software channel is "reteu" which I think means "retail EU", like in all my previous Motorolas... And "dteu" then probably means "Deutsche Telekom EU"...
  19. Of course, thanks for the hint! The "Reporting Body Identifier" is 35, meaning it's from the UK...
  20. Here in Germany I don't think I ever had a phone with a SIM lock, but I may have just been lucky. My G6 doesn't show any traces of having come from any of the mobile providers, either...
  21. Bummer, you're right. I was actually recording music coming from my living room stereo, but I must have been playing it louder when I recorded with FiLMiC. Tried again now with lower volume and it indeed becomes just as bad as with the recorder app. πŸ™
  22. That's interesting indeed... Perhaps it were just some countries where the update didn't arrive? That said, I cannot really be sure where my G6 really comes from, as I bought it second-hand...
  23. Oh, I didn't want to suggest something different, either πŸ™‚
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