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  1. ya improving mobile connectivity is probably a higher need than troubleshooting a single brand's nfc non-reading.
  2. So is it a hardware compatibility or software issue? Is this likely to be resolved in a newer build at some point?
  3. Can anyone show me where the NFC chip is located? I am having trouble getting my yubikey to read in LOS 20. thanks 🤓
  4. stopped fighting to get stock android and went to Lineage 20. completed the entire install on the first attempt within 20 minutes.
  5. same error on the different computer. now i need to figure out my next step
  6. Side note: during the extraction of the newly downloaded tar.gz files, I kept getting an error with the vmlinux file. maybe just my download or the computer so I will try both option on the other machine I am moving to test next
  7. Update: tried with 2.1.5 version found in the GDrive share and received the same error. I have been using a Surface 7 pro as my installation computer with a USB 2.0 hub attached to connect the phone. I am curious if the USB 3.0 port is still causing the issue despite the fact that a hub is attached. Going to switch to a different windows box to test this theory.
  8. ya but at least i can say that i am trying to resolve the issue. and i get practice in flashing and restoring.
  9. well i found an older backup of the release_sm6115_s701_gms_v2.1.2 that I had downloaded last year and it had the missing xml files but the error was the same.
  10. Update: I am looking back over the PDF and the files and realize that i am missing the patch0.xml file. I will now try and determine why it's missing and how to find and get it back
  11. Trying to flash my Pro1-x back to stock from SFOS. I am hitting an error " ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data:276 Unable to read packet header. Only read 0 bytes. ERROR: function: sahara_main: 982 Sahara protocol error ERROR: function: main:320 Uploading: image using Sahara protocol failed " I am not sure what my next steps are at all, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Sad to say but I am going to have to switch over to lineage or stock. After too many missed calls or unreceived texts from my SO, i am being request to fix the situation. and to not have to explain why the phone is worth a step down from my old note 20 ultra, i need the pro1-x to be more reliable (probably less bleeding edge) for a daily driver.
  13. Ya I am trying to figure out another option for receiving MMS and RCS. My current thought is to use Waydroid and then something like Signal (I know they no long support SMS/MMS but just an example). But I am curious if there has been any work on getting the Android UI resolution to not appear as stretched when using the keyboard? And will any notifications from an android app pass through to the SFOS notifications?
  14. Been using this as my daily driver for about 2 weeks now and the biggest complaint I have is that all my MMS messages from both android and ios users do not come through. (any suggestions) There are times that I lose all network connectivity and I have to reboot but that has only been 1 or 2 times a day.
  15. hmm ya too bad that work around didn't resolve it. Thanks for the suggestion. What would you try next to troubleshoot? Seems weird that the Jolla store will install and load but not the browser. Actually when I ping google in terminal, It appears to be resolving via IPv6. That makes sense to me why I might not be able to resolve other sites but I am not sure how to proceed.
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