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  1. hmm ya too bad that work around didn't resolve it. Thanks for the suggestion. What would you try next to troubleshoot? Seems weird that the Jolla store will install and load but not the browser. Actually when I ping google in terminal, It appears to be resolving via IPv6. That makes sense to me why I might not be able to resolve other sites but I am not sure how to proceed.
  2. Nope. Launching from terminal does not resolve my issue. hmmm
  3. Ya that is exactly what I am seeing. Let me try launching from terminal and see if that is a good work around.
  4. Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting a networking issue where the Jolla store will load and install apps and some apps will load data but it is limited. For example, the built in weather app appears to update when I look for a new city but the browser will not connect to any page. This is happening on both Wifi and Data. However, I am also starting to doubt my T-Mobile service is working even though it shows all the network info because when I go to reconnect to a new SSID the 'sim' option for Internet is shown in white and not blue (which I am learning is the indicator of an acti
  5. so i think my initial problem was that the 'adb reboot edl' command was not taking the device into a 'full' edl mode. when I used the key combo to enter, my command advanced past the 'device detected' phase, only to stop again at 'trying to read the first storage sector'. How long should that process take?
  6. How long should each of these processes take? My device gets to "firehose - Trying to read first storage sector..." and then just sits there.
  7. A somewhat novice question here: after running the initial 'sudo edl ....' command, the output stops at "main - device detected :)" . How long should this process take? Is there a way to monitor before I have to hard reboot my pro1x? I can still see the device in lsusb so I am just not sure. And I see an 'edl' process running in 'ps' or 'top' Just nervous about flashing a different OS without backing up my persist partition and this seems to be my roadblock on this process.
  8. so I scrolled through the responses from the IGG project owner (FX Technology) and pulled them out into a txt doc to review. it seems like most the responses are just copy/paste of each other but they did confirm that 622 will allow for external display. What I am not getting is the repeated statement that the 622 is better because it is just newer. All that means to me is that the EOL is futher out so hopefully support for the drivers will continue for a longer time period, not that it is better. is there anything that is an advantage other than longer support life?
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