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  1. Hi, yes, we still have Pro1 batteries in stock for purchase. Please send an email to [email protected] if you'd like to order one.
  2. It's hard to say whether these antenna connectors were broken when shipped, or due to disassembly on your part. Have you've heard the antenna rattle inside the phone when you first received it? Would that be the reason why you took apart your device to check? The antenna springs are indeed fragile. Not like other devices we see in the market, they normally have antenna pins pointing upwards, not sideways that contacts the frame. This can be especially seen in devices that have metal enclosures. The antenna springs on the Pro1-X are surface mounted via SMT, and the glue is to fix it in
  3. I think @Hook previously had this problem before and found a work around. During the call, try to on/off speaker and see if your voice returns to normal.
  4. I wasn't able to 100% confirm that all units shipped out from the previous warehouse were working. Given the timeframe I had, it was quite impossible to check them one by one... Though, I understand your concerns and will reach out to those who did unfortunately receive a depleted Pro1-X and to offer support whenever we can.
  5. I'm very sorry to see that you received a depleted Pro1-X. If you'd like to carry out this repair by yourself, there are currently two ways to do this, but both would require you to disassemble your phone. We do not recommend doing this unless you have experience with electronics repair. As others stated, some components are very delicate and can be prone to break if not careful. If you do wish to proceed by yourself, we have a detailed video tutorial on how to "jump start" your battery by taking apart your Pro1-X. A link of the video can be found here. You can either prepare a cha
  6. Dear Pro1-X backers, We would like to share the latest shipping progress with you. We have shipped out 179 QWERTY 256/8GB Blue orders. Please keep a close eye on your inbox for tracking details from the courier. If you have not received a shipping notification yet, please understand that we have not reached your order in our queue just yet. OS Developments For those who were unaware, Pro1-X has been listed as a supported device for Ubuntu Touch! You are now able to install Ubuntu Touch on your Pro1-X through the UBports Installer on your PC. Please note that your device wil
  7. From the stock count in our shipping partner's warehouse, we expect to ship out 700+ units this time. But there are more in the old warehouse which had the battery issue, which I did not do a stock count of. We'll provide specific numbers in our IGG update soon.
  8. There was an extensive explanation posted on IGG about the SoC change when it happened. There's definetely a lot more story than just "not available". The previous design house cheated us and took our money, plain and simple. But we made the most out of the rest of the money we had left, and for sure, our other venture Linxdot helped funded this project. Yes, we will still cover/honour the EU import tax for customers who ordered on our website that paid VAT before Brexit happened.
  9. Yup I completely understand. I'll make sure we provide updates to everyone even if there's no news.
  10. I went to Hong Kong for that specific reason, is to coordinate with the warehouse and shipping partner and make sure our stock arrived safely. I understand your concerns about us being silent for the past months, there just wasn't much to tell everyone. Though, now I'm pretty confident we'll get devices shipped out asap. At the moment, our shipping partner has finished counting the stock and are awaiting our shipping list - which we're compiling as we speak. I estimate devices should start shipping in the next two weeks in batches.
  11. We would be happy to take your unit for repair. We have new PCB's for the headphone jack module and. would believe this can fix the problem. Please send us an email to [email protected] and quote this forum. Thanks
  12. Send an email to [email protected] and include your shipping address, we'll issue you an invoice and will ship out the product within the week. It's £99 + shipping
  13. FYI, we do have batteries for Pro1 in stock and can ship out immediately if ordered
  14. The 'main' antenna is the PCB that has the USB-C port and there's also a diversity antenna on the headphone jack PCB. Here's a photo of both of them. The actual antennas are the tiny metal pins stuck with red glue, do be careful not to snap them off when assembling/dissembling your Pro1/Pro1-X. We normally don't sell these, it's only for repair purposes. But I am happy to ship one to you if you're okay to cover shipping 🙂 Send us an email at [email protected], include your shipping address and provide me with the ticket ID. I'll be able to issue you an invoice.
  15. Thank you @david for this insightful post! I'm sure this is going to help a lot of people who have similiar battery issues on the Pro1. Unfortunately, we do not plan to make any additional boards for Pro1 and Pro1-X. Though, we do have Pro1-X antenna boards in stock for repair and replacement. The batteries on the Pro1-X have different connectors and protection boards compared to the Pro1.
  16. Yes, this is fixed. You can find the firmware in the beta testing group:
  17. Long overdue post.. Apologies! Here's a guide on how to flash the Pro1-X stock OS with a script in fastbootd mode. This method works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Please note, you will need to have your OEM/Bootloader unlocked before you proceed with this flashing process. Click the Google Drive link below for the documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18Clj6qv4jXIFGfy0S1NO1K8DoN8bJ3Ms?usp=sharing
  18. Could you provide your ticket ID please? Let me follow up on this. Apologies for the delay.
  19. We have fulfilled some of the battery purchases on IGG. We previously announced already that the battery listed on IGG is NOT compatible with Pro1, and have asked those who ordered for the Pro1 battery on IGG to contact us. We can't do anything about those who didn't contact us. It is £99 + shipping. Shipping is calculated on a case by case basis.
  20. Just to let you know, we have Pro1 spare batteries in stock at our office. If you'd like to purchase one, please get in touch with us at [email protected].
  21. I thought you said in another thread that you got a refund via chargeback?
  22. Did you order the battery on IGG for your Pro1? They're not compatible, FYI
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