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  1. ....My thoughts exactly...
  2. Yes, and that would require a bit extra on the design of the keyboard not to be problematic. On the thinkpad yoga's they have taken that a step up by having a grid lifting between the keys and physically locking the keys(!) when opened to tablet...
  3. I agree hat it clearly looks like it will be a solution hitting a larger audience than their current Cosmo. I still think they would be better of giving their Cosmo a simple double hinge, so the screen could flip over (Like e.g. the Lenovo Yoga). I can not see how this new complex mechanism will bring them anything a double hinge wouldn't.
  4. Even the portrait keyboards are aware that you must leave some side bezels to allow reaching in thumb typing, without accidental presses of the keys at the edges. And on the other hand, we would really need to curl ours thumb to press the lower left Ctrl without shifting the grip. I'm not convinced. It could be a prototype-issue, but the whole sliding-lowering-tilting mechanism looks terrible complex and fragile. But sure they might be able to improve substantially on that before a final product. see shortly after the 1 minute mark here for the mechanism
  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean be a "desktop stand", do you mean like a charging cradle? or just a mount like a dashboard car-mount? if the last, many car mounts have a common size ball head, and you can take the holding part and attach to a dashboard-part rather than an air-vent part. The cheap gravity landscape holder I mentioned a few time in the car mount thread allows to use the Pro1 either opened or closed and comes with a dashboard mount, that you could adhere to a plate, or directly to the desk for a fixed position.
  6. @Rob. S. has shared this in the long thread 03-2020 12:17 FX Technology Limited wrote: > Hello there! > > We hope you are all well and staying safe at this difficult time. We > just wanted to give you a brief update on the status of your Pro1. > > Over the last week we have really been pushing to try and get remaining > orders completed, however we are still waiting for delivery from our > keyboard supplier which has delayed the process by a few days. We expect > this to arrive at the factory on Saturday 28th March, and from then we > will be able to finalise production units and start preparing for shipping. > > Whilst we appreciate that you were expecting shipping to begin this > week, the travel restrictions in China has slowed everything down so > please bear with us. This has been an extremely difficult couple of > months, not only for us but for many businesses globally which have been > affected by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. > > We really do appreciate you sticking by us. Thank you for your ongoing > patience and support. > > Sincerely, > > Team F(x)tec
  7. On the remaining known issues see this: https://github.com/tdm/android_device_fxtec_pro1/issues
  8. So now the .8 in the link matches 😜 https://slions.net/resources/fx-service.8/
  9. My GUESS would be that the flicker could be a change to an app that somehow does no go to foreground and you are thrown back. What happens if you do NOT release the ALT? That should let you navigate the tasks-switcher with Tab or shift+Tab, until selecting on release.
  10. I use it, but would not characterise it as "much", no.
  11. Never seen that. Is it related to the apps active on the list? Does touch app/switching work when you see it?
  12. It is actually attached, it is just a little hard to click. 🤣
  13. My preferred wallpaper is attached.... 😇 I named it Black_1x2.png
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