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  1. Got one a few month newer "lineage-18.1-20211220", if that could be of any help.
  2. Sad, but a factory reset MIGHT help, obviously also wiping all your data... So you would need all the extra works of backup and restore, that especially for app data and mms, can be hard to get working correctly or even satisfactory.
  3. @Rob. S. Also have a look at this weird discovery I just did. That was a surprise, so maybe it will be easier with the Personalausweis if the signal parses through something!?!?! - as weird as it may sound....
  4. I have since these experiment placed the Pro1X in a shell-case, and added a soft piece of 'lens paper' to reduce the potential 'scratching' from the case to the back. This have the odd side-effect that the NFC now works fine with this card in the top area where it is surrounded by four windings!!! So I guess the signal was somehow to STRONG within all four windings outside the case, but worked with three, and with the added 'dampening' it works with four. Weird!!!!!
  5. As I said, usually the antenna is much larger than the chip, try to put some light through the card, start around the chip, and you should be able to see the 'wiring'. But it might be like my bankcard where the sensor must be just on the border between the section covered by four and by one winding of the antenna loop - I have no idea why though, just empirically found out that was the case... I can move it along the border, but just 1mm in or out and it fails. So I guess it somehow needs two or three windings with this type, and will not communicate with neither one nor four 🤪
  6. I guess it is the elusiveness, as we are kept in a state of you will get it shortly that makes it harder to not simple forget about the IGG investment. And then be happy if/when we get it despite all odds in the end. I'm a "super early bird" BTW, but was so optimistic as to choose one of the nationalised layouts (Scandinavian)...
  7. From your photo you have the sensor close to he centre of the card. I'm not sure of the exact position of the reader on the Pro1X, but somewhere near the camera towards the logo, In general these cards got antennas covering a larger part (or all) the area. Some layouts more strange than others(!), and some can be really tricky to position 'right'... I do not know these German cards, but you should be able to see where the antennas are, holding it against a strong light source (e.g. to a window a sunny day), I added a few examples in another thread here. where a bank card is real
  8. So sad that such steps were needed, but at the least you got your money,
  9. Indeed. I Just (on the Pro1X), installed the Danish official identity app "MitID" (that really ought to be galled ShitID, as the app is extremely poor quality). It identified a Danish passport NFC-chip with no issues. That the app hung up later and required a reinstall is another matter... lousy app. The newest update of the poor app can no longer even start on Android 9 - It just hangs with no messages!! (Even after several attempted uninstall and reinstall). A fortnight ago it did sort of 'work' (though often crashing claiming rooted) on the Pro1. (The broken app was why I tried on the
  10. I wish I were, but only drawing what I see as the logical conclusion of the scraps of information we got here. But there might be other explanations beyond what I imagined possible.
  11. Yes, if it was ODM it would be authorised. ODM is selling (almost) the same thing with different brand(s), and is fully legal (and authorised). But from the image these are clearly branded with the original FxTec Logo. So can either be "Extra Production" or devices somehow appropriated before they reached the intended recipient.
  12. How else would you interpret what the head of the company wrote on twitter?
  13. It it unauthorized... That is dealing with Chinese factories for you 🤢🤬 ...I wonder if there are anything NOT hitting these guys.... Though it is not the first time we heard of Chinese factories producing more than ordered, and sell as fakes, though they are as good as the original - (less any warranty and support from FxTec obviously) I thought that was mostly clothes though....
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