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  1. You have to go with a flat plate along the flat cable into the housing and try to open it with small tilting moves. At some point it will open and it splits. Cable is pretty stable and I did it already 3 times but neverhteless be carefull. You can also use a small screwdriver. But thats one of the reasons why I bought 3 of the Nillkin 😁 And just to make it clear: I only removed the housing on the top - not the housing which goes in the USB port.
  2. Just to make it more clear: I don´t think the charging pad is important if it loads or not. I am also using it in the car with an quite old one and it works. Other pads I am using are 10w no name pads from a local electronic store. Works too. I don´t think the loading pad is important - the receiver is more important. And the only one that is working (and I tried already 3 of them as I wanted to have replacement parts) is the Nillkin.
  3. Yes for sure it is loading. As mentioned in the post it takes around 3 hours. I also tried different qi receiver but the only one that worked is the Nillkin.
  4. I am using my Pro 1 now for weeks with wireless charging and it works pretty fine. I use this Qi Receiver https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B075L6MXJX/ and it works with nearly every loading pad. Two quite fast ones are these two https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B0851XWYXK/ and https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07N67395S. How much watt it loads I don´t know but it is okay. I guess after (2 to) 3 hours it is fully loaded. I also "tuned" it a little bit by removing one of the layers of plastic coating and use some other foil as protection. Also removed the silver housing of the usb-c plug.
  5. Got my TN view minutes ago. Great news! QWERTZ Slider, #49xx and IGG coupon user. Looking forward to this great phone! Very happy to see the phone is on it´s way I really cross the fingers for all of you to have them in the next view weeks in your hands. Pretty sure f(x)tec is working on it as hard as possible. Hope everything will now go a little smoother than the last view months and we see a great future for QWERTZ/Y Slider!
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