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  1. For my problem, it's clearly related to Sailjail so I will dig into that further when I have some time. Since your issue seems different, I'm not sure where I would look next. I'm a hardware guy, rather than software, so I might try routing the phones internet through a machine running Wireshark so I could understand what it is and isn't doing at the network interface level. Come to think of it, I think wireshark is (or was) available for SFOS so you could do the packet capture on the device itself. Not sure what I would expect to learn, but for me it's a familiar tool, so I'd just b
  2. OK, maybe it's not the same problem, wierd coincidence though. For me, looks like some issue with SailJail. I edited /usr/share/applications/harbour-sailhn.desktop and inserted Sandboxing=Disabled into the [X-Sailjail] section and that now works normally when started from the icon. Not an ideal solution of course. The same fix didn't work for the browser on the first launch, though it did for subsequent launches.
  3. @DillonM I might have the same issue (original Pro1 SFOS Sometime in the last week, some of my apps cannot connect to the internet via wifi or cellular. Weather seems to be working again, but the browser and hackernews don't connect. Your post reminded me to investigate further. I notice both work fine when started from the terminal, e.g. sailfish-browser, or harbour-sailhn. Not sure what's different, but it's a workaround at least.
  4. I think mine was the original, I had them make it to a custom size when the Pro1 was unknown. It is still in daily use, and still looks as good as new.
  5. Sent you a PM with link for download. Feel free to pass it on if it's useful. You're the only one to ask for it in 5 months, I doubt my server is going to be flattened by download requests 😀
  6. I had to flash back to stock android (ugh!) after trying UBPorts, but installing SFOS 3.4 directly from stock android was no problem.
  7. Just to dig up an old thread... I've been working at my desk more than usual for the last few weeks, and I found that I kept losing the Pro1 under the various piles of paper, and that because the back isn't flat, I always have to pick it up to do anything so it doesn't rock around the desktop... So I drew up a quick desk stand design for the 3D printer. I'm up to about iteration 5 over the last 2 days, and I think this works pretty well. Happy to send the STL file if anyone else wants to print one. Equally would like to see whatever others have come up wit
  8. Note to anyone reading Craigs post above, there is a second edit missing from the first section, which you can puzzle out easily from reading the sed commands listed. Oh and don't try commenting out the original lines in the files with a #, you'll just end up creating some invalid repos that are a bit tricky to remove again
  9. I've said on this thread previously that my Pro1 lives in a thin leather fitBAG pouch... But some days, like when I'm in the workshop with lots of grinder dust, or if I'm working on site, I've wished I had a case that offered a little more rugged storage. By coincidence, this morning I noticed that my HP35s calculator has a very similar footprint to the Pro1, and the battered old HP supplied hardshell zip case is a great fit. The Pro1 is a little loose inside it on it's own (but restrained by the elastic straps or net inside the case), or a snug fit if still inside the fitBAG sleeve.
  10. https://github.com/sailfish-on-fxtecpro1/droid-config-t5/issues/31 It's not unique to the Pro1 build though, I've certainly seen the same issue before. (Probably on the first community builds for Gemini, but not sure?)
  11. Not sure it helps, but I had the same issue. I must have hesitated for almost a whole second before my eagerness to see Sailfish on the Pro1 got the better of me
  12. Another thread you might find interesting/useful at talk.maemo.org
  13. Its a bit tricky without it, I found I was using a combination of HWKB and VKB at the same time before I found that!
  14. I followed the instructions here which worked a treat. (I found them linked from here, which might also be a useful page to read)
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