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  1. Hallo F(x)tec Pro1 community, it has been awhile since I last posted, and my Pro1 was lying somewhere in a box. Now I tried it again, but the issue remains. See below: Well, I dropped the fully working phone into water. At the end, display is dark, but everything else is still working (as far as I can tell). The phone is charging, switching on, LED is doing its LED thing, keyboard is backlit, phone is connecting, I can connect via computer and did download all my stuff. When I remember correctly, also wireless connection worked, but it's difficult to tell after all this time... but
  2. If you put it like that, one may hope things will work out at the end. Anyway.... apologies to everyone for my rude posting here. 😙
  3. Ok, you (@claude0001 and @VaZso) are right. I used the forum in a wrong way. I am really glad you corrected that. So, now that everything's nice here again, we should not bother the fxtec.com website's outdated information. Thanks for your time, everyone.
  4. Don't you think you should finally update or remove the statement in F(x)tec Shop saying: "SHIPPING IN FEBRUARY 2022". I recommended the Phone to friends, now they laugh at me, and I'm standing here like an idiot. How could I recommend trusting a company that is not even able to keep basic stuff straight. Covid related delays are nice, but update your website or just delete it. Nothing on twitter either. I don't know what's wrong with you guys. This is so embarrassing.
  5. Naaa... mine looks even worse. And I already have my third screen. I mean, you are outside, slightly miss your jeans pocket and boom! 50/50 chance it falls display down onto the concrete. Fortunatly the plastic frame around the screen still holds (I only swapped the touch+screen itself), but it already has some impact traces. And the keyboard slide mechanics also hold, though I often use it to clip the phone ontop of my notebook screen. Great quality!!1 Anyway... I don't know how you guys canNOT trash your phone that you use daily. Plush handbag? Rubber floors? 😉 Normally I save mone
  6. But Kelloggs on the left are more crisp than their cheap knockoffs on the right, no surprise.
  7. @tdmWhat do you think about the differing values of android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration? Do you think you could add this to the LOS code? Or try if it improves focus?
  8. i got something! I got some system info using this App: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.oF2pks.kalturadeviceinfos/ I did this on freshly flashed Stock ROM, and also on freshly flashed LOS official. The resulting JSON files were mostly identical, but with a perhaps problemrelated difference: LOS-official: "#CAMERA2API=": { "0=back<LEVEL3>4048x3040([100, 800])": { [...] "android.lens.info.focusDistanceCalibration": "1", Pro1-Stock: "#CAMERA2API=": { "0=back<LEVEL3>4048x3040([100, 800])": { [...] "android.lens.info.focusDista
  9. I just tried UbuntuTouch, that does not have that problem. Focus is fine, but slow, or sometimes off, seems stuck, due to the app perhaps, or whatever. (I find the touch gestures hard to use, need serveral tries to get stuff right, not feeling good... but thats off topic.) I just say: Focus is generally working on UbuntuTouch but is kinda unsteady.
  10. Tried again, first doing some fastboot format system fastboot format userdata ... And then it flashed and started up. Nice. Anyway, camera focus is kinda fine here. (Camera app not sooo good it appears.)
  11. I mean, if there was an 'issue' at LOSes git, saying 'Camera bug on Pro1: unusable blurry' then I would probably settle, trusting the problem will be taken care of. But all I get is 'there is no problem', 'its working fine for me, but i am just taking closeup pictures and am blind and never visit places where the walls are more than 5 ft away'... Hello @chen , I want a refund!!!!!!
  12. Yes, I tried everything. Weird enough, when reverting to Stock ROM, and then using the very same OpenCamera, API2, ... it works on auto. (Like in any other app, it just works.) Still, on OpenCamera app's infinity or manual>infinity setting it is blurred, but thats not a problem, as you also noticed - I just pull manual back to 100m or so, and it is fine. Problem is that with my phone on LOS, there is no way to get focus right, even manually like "really close but not quite infinity." Always blurry. As you (and others) do NOT have this exact problem, I wonder if there are d
  13. Just to update this: @mcdinner made an extra build for me, with both imgs. That flashed fine and worked nicely. But still, main camera does not focus!! Thanks to everybody anyway, I'll go buy an iPhone...
  14. It complains with stuff like: Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument) Failed to mount '/vendor' (Invalid argument) When I continue with install, it aborts with repeating the above errors and Updater process ended with ERROR: 7 Error installing zip file '/external_sd/ubports-fxtec-pro1-v0.5.zip' Then I say "reboot" and get stuck at Pro1 logo. So, all this doesn't work. Edit: I did all this after I successfully reverted to stock ROM, if that is a problem, using:
  15. I dont know how everyone can experience this different from me or not at all. Perhaps everyone has eyes issues. I DO try this with OpenCamera, Camera API2 and so on, but it just does not work. If I go to manual focus, or select infinity focus, either way, everything thats not like 50cm in front of me is blurry. Just flashed back again to fxtec stock ROM: everything is SHARP. So using the tools you mentioned to focus manually do not help AT ALL, at least in my case. You mentioned "driver". What is this driver called? Who maintains it? What do you know bout it? 🙂
  16. Which thread? Never read about anything 'driver' concerning the camera?! Can u point me to it?
  17. So, I tried SailfishOS.... NO CAMERA, both cameras BLACK! Was that supposed to happen? And another issue that might be related to a display repair (swapped to Elephone U)... the round edges don't register touch. So with Sailfish I cannot swipe from the very edge, which renders the whole thing even more useless. (Thankfully landscape mode works, where the edges are behaving normally.) This is all so frustrating... Lineage4MicroG doesn't work. Camera focus on LineageOS doesn't work. Camera on SailfishOS doesn't work at all... I'm about to go back to stock.
  18. Ok, thanks. I tried, see PM. Didn't work out (though it flashed). Thanks anyway.
  19. I just tried LineageOS nightly 17.1 ... still no proper focus. This is f##ked up. I cannot even scan my invoices with LOS like that. With stock, everything fine. I don't get it why no one gives a s##t. How can anyone use the Pro1 with LineageOS like that?! Can someone explain this to me?
  20. Ok, if this does even make sense. (I think I could choose 'ignore signature' or something...) Lets try! If you can upload this, I'll try. If it does not work, I'll be going back to stock. (Mainly because this freaks me out: )
  21. Ok..., thanks anyway. I won't build, I only got a i7-3667U with 8GB here, and I don't want to have that busy for some days and swapping? 🙂 or so... or even multiple tries... With the probuilt images its still the same, just tried... Anyway, perhaps someday the Lineage4MicroG-guys will provide a fitting boot img... or TWRP will... or whoever... Until then, I'm with plain LOS.
  22. So then we would need your LIneage4Microg-build as well? Those keys are just fitting those two? Nothing device specific, isnt it?
  23. No, I really think building yourself is the only option right now. As @mcdinner did. mcdinner could you provide your self built boot img here?
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