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  1. If you download split apk installer from play store it will install the disney + app, I downloaded the 3 files in zip form from android sage, not sure if I'm allowed to put that name in here, so sorry if I've got it wrong. My phone is as out of the box with one ota update.
  2. I have both devices, and if you can over look the flaws on both phones it boils down to how much you need to use your phone in portrait. Of the 5 main apps I use 3 are only portrait compatable, so the pro 1 is my daily device and my cosmo is used for my word documents, as I find it a better device to type on, it also has a Pound sign which the pro 1 doesn't unless you install keyboard apps, which for me kind of defeats the purpose of a keyboard phone. the keyboard should be fully functional and not have basic symbols missing, but thats my view. So you need to ask your self that question. How m
  3. Hi, Slion, yes works well in landscape, I've used since getting my pro1 and cosmo and had no issues with it on either device.
  4. Try one S10 launcher and their camera app one S10 camera. the launcher works well in both landscape and portrait, customisable app draw, transition effects, change the font in the draw, you can buy the full version, I don't think it's worth it unless you want to create folders in your app draw. Camera app is ok don't really use my phone for taking professional/ high quality pics. I installed because it worked and the same people made the launcher.
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