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Found 4 results

  1. Fx Service is an Android application notably enabling Pro1 smart case support. It also provides various solutions to common Pro1 problems or simply new features including: Smart case support: configurable lock and wake functionalities. Screen filter overlay to lower display brightness beyond system settings. Configurable vibration upon keyboard key action. Alternative auto-rotate solution to bypass system auto-rotate which tends to get stuck. Filter out unwanted system key input. Feel free to post here to discuss bugs and feature requests.
  2. Has anyone experienced the rear camera (and flashlight) just quitting? I did drop it the other day but the camera was still working afterwards. Then without any notice it just stopped working; the flashlight tile in the quick settings is also greyed out :(. If anyone has any thoughts on how to figure out whether this is a hardware or a software issue I'll be much obliged. I've already tried re-flashing lineage os test build 11 (in case it was a bug of some sort), but to no avail. (I was just getting around to making this my daily driver :() Next stop I will probably go back to stoc
  3. I could not find Disney+ in the Play Store for my Pro1. It's available and works fine on my Huawei P30 Pro. Is that the same for everyone or is it because I'm running the compromised OTA that was made available for a short time?
  4. Ever since I switched to Pro1 I've been missing gesture control. I found Gesture Control does a good job at it. Be aware It can take a while to get a configuration that works for you as it is fully customisable. It even lets you hide the navigation bar once you granted it the capability it needs over PC through adb. I started off with Full Screen Gestures but find it too limiting. Could not make the side bars full screen. No option to hide the navigation bar. MIUI 10 Navigation Gestures looks like a popular option too but I have not tried it myself. It could be easier to set
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