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  1. Cross-posting from the "did you get an email" thread, but with a bit more detail here: Order #64xx, (Pre-order confirmed Feb 28, 2019). IGG backer since March 2017. QWERTY, USA Received "payment needed" email July 31st, 07:26. Paid by card July 31st, 10:49. I just received my "stock assigned" email at 04:43, so about 8 hrs ago. (All times UTC-7) It's been a long ride, but there's finally some light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing too: my MOTO Z2 Play that I purchased to go along with the MotoMod back in 2017 is starting to seriously show its age.
  2. Pre-order #64xx, IGG backer, Feb 28th to USA (QWERTY), paid on July 31st, got stock assigned email today (Jan 20th)
  3. Perhaps a prototype unit could be donated to iFixit, and have them do a teardown video? Their vids are usually quite good. Doesn't address the sourcing part of the question, though.
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