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  1. the chime is loud, but selecting a different chime works more or less fine without any extra configuration or rooting.
  2. totally. freedom of expression and all, just as if one thinks someone's being a dick, one would like to express it without turning threads into useless flaming.
  3. Where's the downvote comment button when you need it 🙂
  4. Where do you get this info? Except for pretty small amount of what I assume were pre-ordered retail units pretty much everyone is waiting, including those who had cancelled and had to move to the back of the line. as you might have noticed, most people payed on 31-st of July, so it kiinda sticks to the rules set, except for that country-based nonsense, which no one really knows how it works anyway.
  5. I think we know what "PC" stands for now. What about when people refer to others as food (honey, muffin)? Or in case of brits when they refer to people as feelings (love)? I am sure there are many other different ways to show dominance affection
  6. Maybe you are right, I would not call myself an expert in humans, but, this might also be a thread to understand whether the orders are assigned based on a rule that was provided to us, namely: IGG + payment date + somewhat qwertz. From other places it might seem like this is no longer the case and one might think that they are forgotten, slipped through the cracks or whatever, this thread to me shows that we're all in this together, who ordered long ago, who paid immediately, some have IGG and still waiting somewhat patiently, just a pain-sharing group therapy thread, Pro1olics anonymous, I would not bet on trolling
  7. Out of curiosity, why do you prefer mail over UPS/FedEx?
  8. I think you meant to say "justice for delivering a form factor that no one else would dare to bet on", as in "their just reward". I think Eske explained difference between "miscalculations" and "lies", don't be a drama queen. I can assure you, drop in sales on stuff that will not come before the holidays is happening across the board, people are spending their money on gifts
  9. If I may, I heard a very nice case for stylus (maybe not Pro2, but Pro1S (for stylus, not for marketing) 🙂 one hyped vendor has a very nice feature where you take out a stylus and immediately start drawing on the black "turned off" screen, by the time you're done you have a nice little hand written note.
  10. sorry mate, did not want to offend you, that was not my intention, I just wanted to point out that miscalculations in deadlines are a normal situation in just about anything be that software, hardware, renovation, bridge building or anything else, new stuff comes in and adjustments have to be made, sometimes to budget, sometimes to deadlines, sometimes both, that is life, at least from my experience.
  11. That is for sure, but saying you never had to increase a deadline? Even with all of the over-estimations, if you're estimating a year-long project for several people you might/will miss to some extent. I honestly have seen more missed deadlines than otherwise. Most of the time you get at least something, but end result is very rarely coming in the day of the estimate. Maybe it's just me. And with software you can just patch it, with hardware not so much. But I feel like I started yet another wave of off-topic here, sorry about that.
  12. true, was it quicker last time 'round from stock assigned to tracking? hopefully since you're in EU it'll be painless.
  13. wow, you are probably a god then. software development without missing deadlines? really? 🙂
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