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  1. Hi @tdm Is there any chance you would try to get AICP R working on our phones? I prefer by far the AICP Rom but the non working volte give me more problem than I though as they started shutting down old antenna here and LOS 18 got it working so for now I'm there waiting
  2. Hi, using the modded boot img, the LOS 18.1-20201210 and NikGApps I got a working phone with gapps on android 11, it is way less modded than AICP but its still a working android 11. It is so for the moment I'm happy with it
  3. I'm on test printing some flex case, somehow I'm getting interesting results
  4. Ok sorry for all the delay I made some test and the phone falls back to 3G when making a phone call on AICP but not when I'm on Lineage. On AICP I can still get connected to LTE after putting it in global mode(with NR?) And getting back to global without NR. Otherwise it won't get out of H+
  5. I was on lineage 1 month ago and it worked fine too... Or I'm missing something, I'm used to see the LTE asside everything else even while in call. is there an other way to make sure it use it and not the old 3g?
  6. I'm on volte and everything works well on this side
  7. I know that option was under the devices settings in bluetooth connection and since AICP it isn't there anymore. I don't really feel any difference since the update, IMO it all sounds the same .
  8. Flashed it this morning, with open Gapps nano and magisk, I still didn't get around all the settings, until now it's awesome I flashed the magisk zip file of their website right after Gapps without reboot, easy and working perfectly I'm still looking for some setting we had in LOS 16 , I won't report them missing until I finish getting around all the settings
  9. I had a 24h wait for a complete reply on how to do it at mid september, I don't think it got much worst actually. I don't think you'll be able to do the driver update without a full reflash because they use a debug OS for this to work.
  10. I had the exactly same problem after replacing my screen, this is a driver issue, just ask fxtec support they will send you the links and the guide how to do it, they won't tell you but this include a complete factory reset so don't forget to backup your things
  11. I would print one for you but I would wait for someone less far than me to cut in shipping price, otherwise I'll take a look for it. BTW I'm in Canada
  12. Hi! I'm sharing my results, I got a SLA 3D printer, and printed front and rear, On the front cover, the thin band didn't survived the printing support removal but even without them it hold pretty well and as a safety I added 4 little point of slim double face tape so it wont fly away when using the keyboard. For the rear part it nearly hold in place but not enough for me, following your idea I wraped the back side and again used small piece of double face tape. It all ended with something I really do like, I started thinking to remove it and shooting the exterior part of th
  13. I got trough the support instructions, i'm not new to the ADB, root, flashing and custom things but those instruction wasn't an easy one BUT! it all ended with a complete working touch screen without replacing it again so i'm pretty happy with all this thanks
  14. Hi @hka, have you found a way to get rid of this? i'm in the same boat actually. All the curved edge + a few mm don't register touches and like you said, if I slide to the edge it works fine. It's almost impossible to drop the notification bar in landscape. it look like a software problem and not a hardware one but I can't get rid of it Edit: I added a screenshot, the green arrow point the closest place i can start a touch but i can hold it to the last line of the display after it began registering it it's exactly the same on both side
  15. I'm all in for help in the design of a case but i can't help with only the stl file otherwise i'll start from scratch
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