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  1. He, I'm gonna try it soon enough but I have a few questions about this, 1: does the user data partition will be shared between both OS or will we have to reboot to get access to some files (ex. Access pics taken from LOS while in Ubuntu) 2: is there any possible backup in this setup or it's still a no go?
  2. There's no "ready to buy" case for this phone but over time @EskeRahntested a lot of case from other phone. I used the Huawei flip case nearly 6 months. Some other members designed a case to 3d print, I really enjoy it since I got it. As for the screen protector you can buy a elephone U screen protector as it is the same screen
  3. I shattered a screen with a closed flip case, it won't protect the left side of the phone at all. Personally I really enjoy the 3d printed case from @LIMA but I'm looking closely for the one from @ubuntuscofieldand @belletrist Those 3d printed case can protect the phone way better than a flip case
  4. Hi, I am pretty interested by the model, this isn't the shell shared by LIMA. Is it already shared somewhere I missed or did you make it?
  5. Yeah but the cool thing with tasker is the auto adjust on situation, I made one more task when the phone connects to my car Bluetooth everything is bigger and it start music too. For the OP I can understand the idea the phone act a lot more like it should. In portrait or landscape the size is normal and there is no special needs to be precise on touch on the screen. Then when you need more productivity and get that keyboard out everything follow for the time you need it and get back to normal when it close. I'm probably getting old on this and don't want my phone up to my face ever
  6. Wow that Gmail look, I was trying to get it back since I first saw it on my Photon Q back then. I don't really like how secondscreen mess android setting and don't put them back like they were before it start but the result are pretty more like what I thought this phone would look like at the beginning when the dpi is at 280. I'll give it a longer shot trying to get it to put back the parameter correctly. Thanks for this find
  7. There is an other one but this kit is the best one you can have actually. In the 3d printing world there is some difference between every printer so it's pretty hard to get a perfect fit for these, some report them too large, too tight and some lucky one find it perfect. The best way for now is to find a friend that want to print one half for you to test and adjust it afterwards, at least they will all come from the same printer so less sizing problem
  8. Hi @tdm Is there any chance you would try to get AICP R working on our phones? I prefer by far the AICP Rom but the non working volte give me more problem than I though as they started shutting down old antenna here and LOS 18 got it working so for now I'm there waiting
  9. Hi, using the modded boot img, the LOS 18.1-20201210 and NikGApps I got a working phone with gapps on android 11, it is way less modded than AICP but its still a working android 11. It is so for the moment I'm happy with it
  10. I'm on test printing some flex case, somehow I'm getting interesting results
  11. Ok sorry for all the delay I made some test and the phone falls back to 3G when making a phone call on AICP but not when I'm on Lineage. On AICP I can still get connected to LTE after putting it in global mode(with NR?) And getting back to global without NR. Otherwise it won't get out of H+
  12. I was on lineage 1 month ago and it worked fine too... Or I'm missing something, I'm used to see the LTE asside everything else even while in call. is there an other way to make sure it use it and not the old 3g?
  13. I'm on volte and everything works well on this side
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