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  1. On AICP (until last working version) there was an option. Hold the power button 2 seconds while the screen is off. IMO It's a good alternative to the moto flashlight.
  2. After a long sleep my pro1 has finally revived. That's sad to come back to see that there is no more AICP. Does TDM still come here? maybe he could take a look at it, at least to get it on rails at start?
  3. thanks for asking I found loose parts near there, PM sent and the battery cable is clearly half ripped off near the connector, i'll need a battery anyway
  4. Well, I've got the same problem, the battery it self is still fine but because the battery can move a bit in the phone the cable started to cause problems. If you have a broken battery, it mean that you know where to get one new? If it's directly from fxtec, I'll keep waiting, I received today a reply from my email sent a month ago...
  5. Hi, while FxTec don't give news about anything I'll give a shot here asking if someone would sell his broken pro1. The only thing I would need still working is the battery, everything else seems fine but the phone randomly turn off when I touch the battery cable. So I would buy a complete or incomplete pro1 or a battery alone.
  6. Hi, long story short, Yesterday my pro1 started acting strangely, shutting down intermittently. After the fifth time it wouldn't turn back on, even if the battery was over 80%. I took it apart to check the inside and found three screws running free in the phone. Almost all others screws were loose too but at least still in place. After getting it back together, not much of a surprise, it still won't turn on. So before it happen to you too, you really should open it and tight back some screws or send it to someone who is able to do it for you. If someone know anything
  7. that's sad, UBTouch is still pretty much broken and incomplete even with all you both done(thanks to you for this) I won't stay on this very long as it is way too much far from a daily driver. Keep up the good works I probably try it again later. BTW I had problems with my Google account Synchronization, and I don't see you mention it anywhere. When I try to log in I receive this error: Couldn't sign you in This browser or app may not be secure. Try using a different browser. If you're already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign
  8. Hi, i tried the dualboot flash without flashing back to stock but I ereased the userdata partition as often as asked and i ended with a non working UBTouch and a broken LOS. The second time I did as the guide from stock rom and it worked well. I flashed magisk.zip and gapps at the end of the process instead of getting in the payload.bin project and done! Now I'm in process of making a shared folder between both OS cause as you said earlier there ain't none for now
  9. Fine so you still got two option, there is magisk hide with props that i use since i have my pro1 for GPay to work. Otherwise there's the uninstall guide here after you're done with the driver update. In both option you won't loose any data. The third option that isn't really easier and isn't guaranteed to work is to flash back to stock so you'll loose everything and isn't sure if it will work or not.
  10. Sure I didn't ever done it but I know the uninstall option exist On the other hand you could just leave it that way too
  11. If you are already on LOS it would be way much easier to only root your device(install magisk by sideload the zip file) and follow the instructions. You wouldn't loose anything by doing so.
  12. You need root permission to do this there's no alternative to this. The driver is deep enough in the phone that even a full stock reflash don't erase it.
  13. Hi, i can't help for the office thing but I had the same trouble for the phone app. It looks stupid but there is no default phone app selected so it just don't know what to do with calls. Go in apps settings, select default apps and phone is probably empty and it shouldn't be, which was the case for me.
  14. I remember back in the Photon Q and milestone times , sometime flashing back the last OE firmware back would resolve a lot of strange behaviour and problems I had even after a clean flash. If you already nuked it I would try it, that's not much worse to do
  15. The led would flah red on low battery or on some notifications, check if you have a notification pending and discard them if so. Otherwise if the battery is lower then 15%it would flash too. Finally if it still flash just reboot it. After all this it shouldn't flash anymore.
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