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  1. I got trough the support instructions, i'm not new to the ADB, root, flashing and custom things but those instruction wasn't an easy one BUT! it all ended with a complete working touch screen without replacing it again so i'm pretty happy with all this thanks
  2. Hi @hka, have you found a way to get rid of this? i'm in the same boat actually. All the curved edge + a few mm don't register touches and like you said, if I slide to the edge it works fine. It's almost impossible to drop the notification bar in landscape. it look like a software problem and not a hardware one but I can't get rid of it Edit: I added a screenshot, the green arrow point the closest place i can start a touch but i can hold it to the last line of the display after it began registering it it's exactly the same on both side
  3. I'm all in for help in the design of a case but i can't help with only the stl file otherwise i'll start from scratch
  4. I often use Teamviewer on my pro1, it's like it was made for this but I don't get your bug on my phone. I'm on Lineage btw
  5. I used to like the moto Z for this reason, they put a "shatter proof screen" thick plastic touch screen but it was prone to scratch. so adding a tempered glass and keeping some in spare was perfect from my point of view. Aside of this, I just replaced my Pro1 LCD with a $69 elephone, it's not easy like replacing the lcd assembly but it's pretty easy vs a lot of other phone i done in the past. I remember taking apart my Motorola Milestone, it needed to be disassembled from the bottom all the way up to the touch screen, so yes pretty easy job to do on the pro1
  6. Even protected in a p20 pro flip case , it lasted 2 weeks before shattering the whole display on the first drop.... We really do need a proper case that wouldn't take 2 months to get to our door and that is made for our device
  7. I got an email from Fedex with tracking IGG order , I hope for them i'm the last one...
  8. Hope you're not on a hurry, i'm a IGG Backer and i'm still waiting for mine
  9. I'm part of the moto mod backers and I didn't received this email yet, maybe it's a regional think?
  10. Why not a case like otterbox has done for Motorola droid 1 2 3 and photon Q back then? I remember they were not as much strong as the "one-piece phone" protectors but it were protecting the phone on dropping at least
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