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  1. that's sad, UBTouch is still pretty much broken and incomplete even with all you both done(thanks to you for this) I won't stay on this very long as it is way too much far from a daily driver. Keep up the good works I probably try it again later. BTW I had problems with my Google account Synchronization, and I don't see you mention it anywhere. When I try to log in I receive this error: Couldn't sign you in This browser or app may not be secure. Try using a different browser. If you're already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign
  2. Hi, i tried the dualboot flash without flashing back to stock but I ereased the userdata partition as often as asked and i ended with a non working UBTouch and a broken LOS. The second time I did as the guide from stock rom and it worked well. I flashed magisk.zip and gapps at the end of the process instead of getting in the payload.bin project and done! Now I'm in process of making a shared folder between both OS cause as you said earlier there ain't none for now
  3. Fine so you still got two option, there is magisk hide with props that i use since i have my pro1 for GPay to work. Otherwise there's the uninstall guide here after you're done with the driver update. In both option you won't loose any data. The third option that isn't really easier and isn't guaranteed to work is to flash back to stock so you'll loose everything and isn't sure if it will work or not.
  4. Sure I didn't ever done it but I know the uninstall option exist On the other hand you could just leave it that way too
  5. If you are already on LOS it would be way much easier to only root your device(install magisk by sideload the zip file) and follow the instructions. You wouldn't loose anything by doing so.
  6. You need root permission to do this there's no alternative to this. The driver is deep enough in the phone that even a full stock reflash don't erase it.
  7. Hi, i can't help for the office thing but I had the same trouble for the phone app. It looks stupid but there is no default phone app selected so it just don't know what to do with calls. Go in apps settings, select default apps and phone is probably empty and it shouldn't be, which was the case for me.
  8. I remember back in the Photon Q and milestone times , sometime flashing back the last OE firmware back would resolve a lot of strange behaviour and problems I had even after a clean flash. If you already nuked it I would try it, that's not much worse to do
  9. The led would flah red on low battery or on some notifications, check if you have a notification pending and discard them if so. Otherwise if the battery is lower then 15%it would flash too. Finally if it still flash just reboot it. After all this it shouldn't flash anymore.
  10. He, I'm gonna try it soon enough but I have a few questions about this, 1: does the user data partition will be shared between both OS or will we have to reboot to get access to some files (ex. Access pics taken from LOS while in Ubuntu) 2: is there any possible backup in this setup or it's still a no go?
  11. There's no "ready to buy" case for this phone but over time @EskeRahntested a lot of case from other phone. I used the Huawei flip case nearly 6 months. Some other members designed a case to 3d print, I really enjoy it since I got it. As for the screen protector you can buy a elephone U screen protector as it is the same screen
  12. I shattered a screen with a closed flip case, it won't protect the left side of the phone at all. Personally I really enjoy the 3d printed case from @LIMA but I'm looking closely for the one from @ubuntuscofieldand @belletrist Those 3d printed case can protect the phone way better than a flip case
  13. Hi, I am pretty interested by the model, this isn't the shell shared by LIMA. Is it already shared somewhere I missed or did you make it?
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