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  1. That big question "will the Pro1 work on...?" Stop right there. The answer is "You betcha!". If your carrier has a CDMA/EvDO/1xRTT network that allows activation or active UTMS/HSPA (WCDMA) or GSM/EDGE base stations you're fine. The Pro1 can use any LTE band on the continent excepting 14 (FirstNet/LE), 29, 30, 66 (why?), 71 (new 600 Mhz for T-M) these being: B# MHz Name 2 1900 PCS blocks A-F 3 1800 DCS (Caribbean only) 4 1700/2100 AWS-1 blocks A-F 5 850 Cellular 7 2600 IMT Extended 12 700 Lower SMH blocks A-C 13 700 Upper SMH blocks C 1,2 17 700 Lower SMH blocks B-C 20 800 EUDD
  2. https://edge.media-server.com/mmc/p/itd2nhet https://investor.qualcomm.com/events-presentations Call in progress right now and will be archived for later. Interesting info and q&a on the status and future of world networks, 4G/5G deployment, MSM, etc. Some new things to consider for both f(x)tec and us.
  3. I was told that they would simply be "turning off" CDMA/EvDo November-December, as opposed to AT&T who is outright removing UMTS/HSPA equipment as they get around to it. In my city all of VZW's pre-LTE-only base stations are still transmitting CDMA/1X/EvDo so we still have seamless full coverage- for now. Very useful for LTE congestion relief. As for the D4, in the Programming menu which can be accessed using a shortcut app, option 7 has a "Data call enabled" check box but it won't stay checked after reboot and I don't know if OMAP has provisions for VoLTE. Makes me even more eager to get
  4. I couldn't immediately find an answer or ascertain from the pics, so pardon me if I missed something. Me and my partner in crime still exclusively use a Droid 4 and a pair of Photon Q's on Verizon and AT&T... and in dim or dark environments, key backlighting (brightness is controlled by either your screen settings, light sensor if on auto) is essential. For a phone of this size I find this even more critical, even if only the letters are backlit. After all f(x) is key. Hopefully you guys remember that from math class.
  5. I'm having the same problem as windraver. No "notifications".
  6. I remember back in 2008, Sprint was touting their 4G WiMax deployment. Conversely AT&T was on a massive "but it's not 3G" and "we have the nation's largest 3G network" TV ad campaign. I asked around and nobody knew what 3G was. Today while the general public - to which we appeal - is more informed, they don't necessarily care which network technology they're connected to as long as it works - but I've noticed they do like to know anyway (Tx/Rx arrows please!). In my city I often fall back to or switch to EvDo (3G) because it's often faster than 4G due to congestion and eHRPD is a pain in
  7. I really appreciate the presence of a camera shutter button, expandable storage, and a headphone jack. Those are welcome additions. My girlfriend has a flashed PQ and besides ergonomics which that device truly excels in, this is what matters to her. That phone's Achilles heel is the lens' susceptibility to cracking on impact and becoming unusable. So my thoughts on the curved screen. Unless you're always sitting at a table, you'll be pushing the phone open all the time. And your thumbs will slip often, especially if they're not clean. Which leads to the chance of dropping, for which designi
  8. Also wondering if it will work with Google Fi/US Cellular US Cellular compatible.
  9. hello please Will be have this device irda for infra remote control device? At this point it's safe to say no.
  10. blubbeh explained well. Some of you have unrealistic expectations (especially with the battery, how much more can you cram in there?) Not sure why US customers are being charged sales tax when we're not taxed for online purchases. Unless the firm has their own facilities in your state, I've never, ever seen this happen before. Seems more like an opportunity to milk.
  11. Been there with the IR blaster. A previous version of my laptop had IR too (they blanked it out on mine). At the end of the day, I never really used it. Conversely the FM comes in handy. Although I have plenty of music on my Droid 4, I use it when on a low battery, flying, or in an area with no service. There's also a great FM app that came out, it was even advertised on TV. Unfortunately usually the SoC has to support FM, I don't immediately see it specified on the 835.
  12. I too would ask of FM. There are modern apps for it, it still has a listener base, and if you're traveling or flying on a low battery (as I am with my D4), it comes in handy.
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