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  1. I also think that the reason for reboots in B8, because later I checked the phone with a SIM card of another carrier, that use 3G B1 (2100 MHz) only, and the phone did not reboot. I gave this information to tech support.
  2. My phone also rebooted 10 times a day, but I found a solution. I turn off wcdma network in settings and after that the phone becomes stable. So try switch preffered network types.
  3. Hi all, my phone have a problem. It's randomly reboot when used 3G network, especially if i switching wi-fi network. When i switch network settings to 2G, LTE or 2G/TDSWCDMA/LTE, all fine. What's the problem? My network use WCDMA 900/2100 MHz (B8/B1). Phone have the latest update QX-1000_EEA_20200106110245. P.S. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks!
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