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  1. The person who maintains all the Lineage infrastructure is currently moving house, so that may be connected.
  2. Here's what I wound up with that is working quite well: https://www.xmpow.com/collections/car-phone-mount/products/mpow-127-gravity-car-phone-mount-air-vent-phone-holder I like the gravity style holder for quick placement and removal. It seems to be available as vent mount or window suction cup mount as well. The spacing of the prongs at the bottom is wide enough that the USB port isn't covered, so I can easily plug it in for long drives.
  3. Does the "register your device with Google" thing have any impact on SafetyNet, or is that something different? https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/?pli=1
  4. I got the OTA this morning. Installed no problem, verified that the keyboard fix is good. Glad to see signs of life.
  5. So my spontaneous reboot adventure has taken an interesting turn. From the time I first got the phone, it was rebooting at least once, and sometimes several times a day. But starting about a week ago, with no software changes to speak of, this behavior has suddenly stopped, and I've not had a reboot since. I can only assume that some dodgy trace on the motherboard "burned in" as a result of regular use. Finger crossed that the reboots don't come back.
  6. @Slion yes, I've not been able to dig into this very far yet. I found: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/KeyEvent.html#KEYCODE_SEARCH ...but I'm not sure if that's the right thing either.
  7. Would it be possible to remap a key (the FxTec key perhaps) as a SEARCH key that would work with the existing Android global shortcuts mechanism?
  8. @david curious what speedtest app you are using?
  9. @tdm I was afraid that might be the answer. Thanks for confirming. @ddark-il here's hoping that it is something that can be fixed in software. I haven't engaged with support yet, because honestly right now, what can they do? Either it's software, in which case an OTA will be needed, or it is hardware, in which case a replacement device will be needed, and neither of those will be happening in the short term. I did grab some bug reports immediately after a few reboots, I haven't taken the time to look through them yet. I've not yet figured out a way to "induce" a failure. Usually
  10. My Pro1 has habit of spontaneous reboots once or twice a day (running stock), and I'd like take a stab at figuring out what is going on, so I'm trying to figure out if I an get at any logs from prior to the crash. I've looked for stuff like /proc/last_kmsg and /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops running 'dmesg' just gives a permission error. Anyone know what the right method would be? Is it possible without root?
  11. I'm an Action Launcher fan and I've continued using it. It does okay in landscape as far as icons are concerned, widgets get stretched an flattened which is not as nice (although in my case, mostly useable). I'm addicted to the left side app drawer, which works great in landscape. Oh, and I also like that typing on the physical keyboard while on the home screen invokes search.
  12. One of the several DoxBox port, I would guess. This one seems to be the most maintained: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bruenor.magicbox.free
  13. @sequestris http://www.skinomi.com/sk35070-note-10-phone-black-carbon-protector.html
  14. Thank you @SirBaconIII, I'm also on T-Mobile, and the setting in the phone app was the missing piece I needed to get WiFi calling back. It was working on my two previous devices (Pixel 1 & Essential) and given that my office is practically a Faraday cage, I was sorely missing it.
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