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  1. Ages ago I got a Pro1 from Clove Technology. it had a problem with the SD card. I returned it in Feb 2020 they refunded me. I was keen to replace it, and kept checking the forum, but it was full of people saying they had paid, but every two weeks they would get an email apologising for the delay. So... Are phones actually being shipped now? Is it worth be handing over the money again? Thanks, Richard
  2. Ah, cool (and of course!) I've already got KM installed. So I could use one (or two) of the modifiers to provide permanent shortcuts. Good call, thanks. I'll also check out your modded FinQwerty. Cheers!
  3. I had a dilemma - I really like the 36 keyboard shortcuts that the stock launcher has (the stock launcher is the desktop with all the icons). I also like how well the stock launcher handles rotation. But... I really like Nova. It fits much more on the screen, widgets are much more adjustable, it has useful gestures, different actions on icons and folders depending if you tap or swipe etc etc etc... (But I don't like how it can't handle screen rotation.) So here's my fix/compromise to get Nova with the 36 shortcuts... You set Nova on fixed landscape (or portrait, whi
  4. They have - they responded the same day. At their request I've done some testing (which didn't work). I'm now waiting for their response.
  5. Even if the card was too big/wrong format/wrong block size (etc) I think it would at least know that an SD card had been inserted. My phone isn't even detecting that there's an SD card in place.
  6. Yup - they've gotta be asked! I've tried rebooting with two of the cards, and I've checked in Settings>Storage. (And when I put the SD card back into my old phone, all the android system folders are there.)
  7. I've tried 3 working MicroSD cards (that all work fine in an Android phone or a laptop), and none of them are being detected by my Pro1. Anyone else had this? I bought phone from Clove. They want me to try troubleshooting with FxTec, which I'm happy to do. If it doesn't work, I guess I'm returning it, and I'll have to get back in the queue... πŸ˜’πŸ˜•
  8. @EskeRahn Unrelated topic, but do you know the app 'Ampere'? Best app I know to help you avoid/choose a charger that does fast charge. (Depending whether you want a hot/fast charge or a slow charge/cool 😎 battery.)
  9. Nice shortcuts. With SwiftKey enabled, is there a way to use the launcher shortcuts (A-Z and 0-9)? Thanks.
  10. That's weird - I thought a posted (another) response... I got it working by allowing updates over data/the network (instead of just wifi). All sorted. πŸ‘
  11. Anyone know if there are any plans to give more control/customisation over the launcher? I've been using Nova for years and would love some of that functionality. (But I love even more the functionality of the 36 shortcut keys you get with the stock launcher...) Thanks
  12. Good luck - I hope it arrives soon. 🀞 You ordered it direct from FXTec❓ (I haven't yet found out what magic key combo produces a question mark... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜„)
  13. Hmmmmmmm.... Update is stuck at 42.4 MB I get the option to pause and resume, but they don't seem to do anything.
  14. Oh. Might have a fix. I went into the Settings bit (under Check for updates) and disabled advanced updates (or similar) It's currently downloading an update now...
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