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  1. So, I recently received my new screen incl. digitizer from ali(express). It had unfortunately cracked the screen from the speaker and down about 3.5cm to the left edge (from a 20cm drop, but still my fault, so nothing to pun fxtec about) First thing I noticed when I was taking the phone/screen apart, was the the "glue" was rather uneven distributed, and that the screen had cracked between the glued part and the "not so glued part". Perhaps they have to look into that process? Second thing, it seems like this screen is better at displaying colors at lower brightness than the original
  2. Considering that we're in mid September now, have anyone have gotten a delivery notification from f(x)tec? I mean, the phone specifications and consequently the cost worthiness are drastically going down. Hoping for a positive answer from someone. Cheers, P
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