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Found 3 results

  1. I'd hoped that these parts were available a few months ago; I had a chat with someone from support and he mentioned at least the screen was in stock. In the end, I opted to go for the Indiegogo deal which bought me both a screen and a battery (and two screenprotectors) for only an extra $5,- (yes, you may call me cheap) but alas, I still am stuck with a non-functional phone. Does anyone here have an indication on when FX is planning to send these parts?
  2. I found the factory test mode. It can be used to test all functions to determine whether the cell phone is working or not. You can test eg Screen, Backlight, Touch, Sensors, Flashlight, camera... And more !!!! But be careful there is an emergency call test !!!!!! To get there you go into the settings, about the phone and there click on the Android 9 button then a popup window appears. If you now click on the build number you get a toast message that you should click 3 times quickly. Then the factory tool opens. It is all in Chinese but if you go
  3. So, I recently received my new screen incl. digitizer from ali(express). It had unfortunately cracked the screen from the speaker and down about 3.5cm to the left edge (from a 20cm drop, but still my fault, so nothing to pun fxtec about) First thing I noticed when I was taking the phone/screen apart, was the the "glue" was rather uneven distributed, and that the screen had cracked between the glued part and the "not so glued part". Perhaps they have to look into that process? Second thing, it seems like this screen is better at displaying colors at lower brightness than the original
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