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  1. Heck no. As someone who dealt with the Priv for four years and enjoyed all of the quirks that come with that phone as well as stupid stuff like spotty Bluetooth connections and a barely functional headphone jack, the Pro1 is a much better phone in every way.
  2. I just voted for the fxtec pro1 option. I have the skin on my Nintendo Switch already and it's really nice.
  3. This will take you to a poll which includes the fxtec pro1 as one of it's options. Let's make this happen.
  4. I've been sticking with Quickstep for now but I'm slowly building up Total Launcher to eventually replace it.
  5. The Priv served me well for 4 years despite it's many shortcomings so it's a shame that we likely won't be seeing any more Blackberry devices but the Fxtec Pro1 is a more than reasonable replacement. The writing was on the wall for about a year though with the lack of a Key3.
  6. I started having issues with phone calls where the person on the other side isn't able to hear me at all. This occurs with both the handsets microphone and when I'm using a Bluetooth headset with its own microphone.
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