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  1. Hi there. My screen is broken and I can't access to the phone because it doesn't recognize the pattern lock, because half of the screen is not responding at all (the bottom half) I fixed the screen a few month ago, and droped it again, so I am not fixing it again. The finger print is obviously not working.... Doesn't any one have any idea how access to the phone ? Is there any way to connect another screen on it to have a chance to make the pattern lock working ? Any other ideas that could help ? Thank you all
  2. Thank you so much! It perfectly works now!
  3. Hi, My snapdragon camera stopped working. When I open it the screen goes black. However it still works on whatsapp but not with other apps. I've tried another camera app and it "works well", but I prefered the snapdragon camera app. Do you have any ideas how to update it to make it work properly ?
  4. Ordered and paid straight away on February.
  5. My order #53*** (qwerty) has been received two days ago 🥰
  6. Thank you so much guys, it finaly worked! And I also finaly found the "?" and accents, not all of them yet, but it's a good start! Thanks again
  7. Thank you very much. I just tried it. I love it, it works very well for the virtual keyboard, but I still can't make it work for the physical keyboard. I'm gonna keep trying 😁
  8. Hi there, Silly question, Is there any autocorrect with the physical keyboard ? It doesn't look like it's correcting anything at all when using it.
  9. On the 11/05 : So I guess it won't be for this month then... I don't mind to wait month and month, just annoyed to read every month "it will be shipped by the end of this month"... If they told me I'll have to wait until December, I would be fine, I would have find a something for the wait... Now I am just with no phone and still think "ho, don't be silly, don't buy a phone now, you gonna received yours by the end of the month, you can wait a few more weeks". So I start thinking about cancelling my order.
  10. I received the stickers a few days ago... But I am still waiting for the phone... And have no news...
  11. I know, but this is the answer I received yesterday...
  12. " Dear Jessica, Thank you for contacting us. Your order is being processed as normal. Unfortunately, things are taking slightly longer than we anticipated. We have a small number of devices which are ready to ship and will be dispatched next week. All remaining customer orders are expected to be produced by the end of this month. Please understand the coronavirus situation worldwide is developing on a daily basis, and our given deadlines are subjected to change. Please follow us on social media and our community for the latest news and updates. We look forwar
  13. Thank you for your answers 😊 I think I am convinced enought now that I "need/want" a pro1! But I am still a bit worried about the random reboots 😯
  14. The scroll on the Priv is an amazing thing, I did not think it would not exist on another phone! I'll miss this for sure! th I don't have a fingerprint reader on my Priv, and when I double tap, nothing happens, so I will not miss theses two things for sure :') I am mostly worried about the overheat/batterie/reboot problem.
  15. Hello, I am about to order the pro1. But I still have a few doubts about it... I have a blackberry priv for 3 years, changed the batterie, but it's dying again... batterie goes down to 50% to 0 % in a second. I also have a lot of overheating problems with it, and it restarts for no reasons almost everyday, sometime 3 times a day... So I am about to give up with that phone because it's getting worse. Before I buy the pro1 I need to be sure that I will not have the same problems that I have with my priv. For those who had both phones, can you tell me why the pro1 would be bette
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