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  1. Yeah it was... I've never seen another phone with such a big and bright led... It really lit the whole room. I used to turn the phone upside down so it wouldnt light the whole room and one could sleep normally.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could take a short video of the LED-light blinking. What colours can the LED itself show?
  3. Yeah, I already saw that and read it, I would need a "real wallet case", the Snakehive one is just too small and barely has any pockets/storage. and the problem with that setup is that the screen itself is not protected from sides etc.
  4. What wallet cases can you recommend for the Pro 1? Is anyone using one on theirs? What about protection of the screen? Has anyone found a suitable bumper case to be used with a wallet case?
  5. Any pictures of the light itself?
  6. Can anyone share some pictures about it?
  7. Hi, could someone give some pictures about the notification light? Is it visible from different angles and even several meters away? Can you see it in the dark clearly even from far away? In my current phone, the led is so tiny you cant see it from other angles or even in the dark, you must be directly near it. and on the other hand, the LED in Galaxy S3 is so bright and big :), lights up the whole room.
  8. Hi, I was wondering, has anyone used a USB-C hub with the phone and can confirm if you can charge and use the hdmi out both at the same time? Could someone also give some pictures about the notification LED? How visible really is the LED in dark? Can you see it from different angles on a well lit room?
  9. I wonder how it says 32 backers when only 30 backers claimed in total.
  10. Just a small idea, shouldn't the headphone jack area be bigger in the case if someone wants to use for example PC-style headset with a big and thick 3.5mm jack? An issue I atleast have often faced is that with a case and a headset like that, many cases block the plug because the plug is too big for the hole in the case. This is just an idea, I know we aren't that far into making complete usable cases yet.
  11. Question, does Youtube Vanced work well in Pro1 with physical keyboard? Flashing it with twrp works well?
  12. To talk about phones with fast charging that have removable batteries, LG V20 and LG G5 from 2016 have removable batteries and support QC 3.0
  13. @eskerahn how do you feel about scrolling for example websites with the device, do you have to use the onscreen-keyboard for example while browsing and writing something to the address bar? How do you feel the phone feels on your hands? Are the sides curved so that it would feel comfortable? Or are they like a slab that is very unergonomic to hold? Both closed and opened (holding landscape and portrait) What about the notification LED? Do you feel it is visible from a far distance away? Is the LED big and customisable one? I especially love the LED on my Samsung S3. It is big and easi
  14. Hi, I noticed that at about 37:53, one of the developers says that one of the biggest inspiration comes from the Nokia E90. Later on, the same person says that they tried to replicate that hinge mechanism? Doesn't he mean the Nokia E9 instead of the E90, or are my ears hearing wrong?
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